Denton Wasp Nest Removal

Did you know that wasps are pollinators that also eat human food? They have smooth bodies that interfere with their ability to carry pollen, can eat other insects, and dangle their legs while flying. Different types of wasps have various adaptation techniques, with some living above ground only and others forming nests above and below ground. They may not cause harm when left alone, but they can sting when disturbed. That is where we come in with our Denton wasp nest removal skillsets. 

Being in this industry since 1994 has enabled us to hone our skills and become exceptional in the removal and damage repair. We take pride in providing unbeatable wasp nest removal in Denton TX and sharing our knowledge.



  • They are extraordinary architects

Wasp nests consist of hexagonal cells that are perfectly symmetrical and fit to support gestation. The insects chew wood pieces and stick them together to create nests, and they can live in colonies of thousands. They use the nests seasonally, usually between spring and autumn.

  • Their aggression increases as they sting

Male wasps do not sting, but female wasps’ aggression increases with each sting. They release a pheromone that makes them more aggressive and can cause an anaphylactic shock in humans. Their ability to sting multiple times makes them more dangerous to humans, though the effects wear off after 24 hours for most people.

  • They cannot survive winter

Wasps die in winter. Only fertilized queens survive as they hibernate to create a new colon. They lay dozens of eggs that hatch to become workers - they search for food and defend the new habitat. They build new nests in spring, and the males mate with new females in the new colony. The males die soon after.



We have a dedicated and committed team whose mission is to provide humane Denton wasp nest removal services while preventing the nuisance they cause. We have:

  • Wildlife Specialist, Biologist, and Zoologist in Our Staff
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Local wildlife understanding



Competitive prices, 100% financing, and conversance with local wasp species set us apart for Denton wasp nest removal. We do not disappoint our clients. Contact us at (817) 431-3007 for prompt services.