Animal Removal Facts

Wildlife Removal & Control

Making sure your family or employees are safe from the dangers of wildlife animals is vital to the contribution to their well-being. Many homeowners and business owners have faced wildlife animal intruders that quickly become a nuisance by causing costly property damage or even harming individuals.

Wildlife X Team® provides services that include ecologically responsible methods of pest management that are used in controlling unwanted pests and animal habitation from your property. Read more to learn about our process.

How to keep your home and yard wildlife free: 

Some of the services Wildlife X Team® will use to keep your environment free of unwanted wildlife include:

A Full Home Inspection to Identify Which Type of Wildlife Is Present

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what the scratching, thumping, or other sounds are in your home. Wildlife X Team® will perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine what the problem is and how to fix it. Our Wildlife Inspection Report® is an exclusive inspection report that details any potential or current wildlife activity at your home or business, so you can be sure you're addressing all potential threats to human safety. 

If you have any of the following signs of wildlife in your home, our Wildlife Inspection Report® will determine the source:

  • Wildlife sounds
  • Animal Droppings
  • Oil Marks
  • Fur

Removing Water and Food Sources for Wildlife

Like humans, wildlife critters are drawn to areas that will sustain them—namely those areas with food and water. Making sure to remove the water and food from these areas will discourage the wildlife from making themselves at home there.

Common sources of food and water include:

  • Leftovers on the counter
  • Dirty dishes
  • Leaky faucets
  • Leaky outdoor hoses
  • Unsealed snacks in the pantry
  • Crumbs on the floor
  • Snacks left in backpacks, bedrooms, and other sneaky spots

If you haven’t been able to identify what the wildlife’s food sources are inside your home, where they are, how to get rid of them, or any other issues, Wildlife X Team® can help!

Removing Safe Areas

Oftentimes, a critter is searching for a safe and warm nesting area. Often it’s with the motive of having a safe space to have their babies. The best way to keep animals out of your home in these circumstances is to seal any entry points.

Common safe areas in your home include

  • Crawlspace
  • Attic
  • Closets
  • Ceiling
  • Walls

Many animals like rodents and bats can enter your home through a hole the size of a dime! Wildlife X Team® is skilled when it comes to knowing where to look for these entry points, and what equipment to use to keep animals out for good.

Reducing Wildlife Habitation

If you have wildlife taking over your backyard or you're concerned about Lyme disease from ticks, reducing their habitation can assist with that problem. Fence off your garden, clean up extra leaves and grass clippings, and contact Wildlife X Team® to analyze where else the animals are living.

  • Caulking

Some animals can enter your home through a hole the size of a dime! Animals like squirrels and rodents are excellent at finding the smallest holes to wiggle in through. To keep wildlife outside where they belong, it’s important to seal any potential entry points. Your local Wildlife X Team® will do a thorough analysis of any points in your home that may be a gateway to wildlife and seal them.

  • Sealing

Wildlife can find a way into your home just about anywhere there’s a gap. Wildlife X Team® will check your home to find any possible entry points, including around door trim, under loose roof shingles, and around piping. We will seal off these areas to keep wildlife outside. 

  • Screening

Foundation vents, dryer vents, and other airflow locations in your home are easy doorways for squirrelsbirdsmiceraccoons, and more to enter your home. We will ensure that those critters stay in the wildlife where they belong by installing animal-proof screening. This will keep the air flowing as it’s intended while keeping animals out of these places.

Use of Low-Impact or Botanical Pesticides

Botanical pesticides are naturally occurring chemicals that are pulled from plants or minerals that we use to exterminate some insects or animals. We use the chemicals that are safest for your family and the environment.

Fixing Wildlife Damage

If you’ve had some unwelcome visitors in your home, they likely caused some damage. Wildlife X Team® will inspect your home for torn insulation, chewed wires, fecal messes, damaged insulation, and more. Wildlife X Team® will not only rid your environment of pests and wildlife, but we also offer repair services for damages caused by these unwanted guests. Services we offer include:

If you need wildlife control to alleviate the amount of wildlife in your environment, a wildlife prevention and removal service will help eliminate the problems you are having with these animals as well as prevent them from returning. We have professional, well-trained Wildlife Specialists who with care and consideration for your needs and that of wildlife, appropriately remove animals such as opossumsbirdsbeaverssquirrelsraccoonsarmadillos, and more.

Follow-Up Services

After we remove the wildlife from your home or property, it's important to keep an eye out for any signs of another unwanted guest trying to make their way into your home. If follow-up services are required, we will ensure your property is taken care of. 

For whatever wildlife control problem you're facing, Wildlife X Team® can help! Contact us today! (817) 431-3007