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Wildlife X Team employs highly trained professionals, Zoologists, and Wildlife Specialists who receive training on a continual basis. We stay on top of everything when it comes to providing the best service. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers and the most humane service to the wildlife.

Our company is insured & licensed by the Department of Agriculture, and highly rated by Home Advisor & the BBB. We are members of various associations committed to making sure you receive the most professional service and the best results at an affordable price.

Animal Proofing

Animal proofing your home is the best way to keep your home safe from wildlife intrusion. It can be hard to know where and how the animals are finding their way into your home. Mice can wiggle in through a hole the size of a dime! If finding every entry point in your home and figuring out how to block off those points seems overwhelming, we can help! The team at Wildlife X Team® are experts in keeping wildlife out of your home and in the wilderness where they belong.

What are common wildlife entry points?

Common places for wildlife to enter your home include around doors and windows, holes in your siding, and unscreened vents. Animals like rodents, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and more love to find their way into your safe and cozy home.

Chimneys are another common entry for wildlife. Common animals to get into your home through your chimney are raccoons and birds. If there is no chimney cap, they will be attracted to the warmth of your home and crawl right in. Animals love to have their babies in your chimney, and will even remove chimney caps if they are damaged or not properly secured. 

How to seal your home from wildlife

Doors and windows: The best way to seal around your doors and windows is to caulk the area. Pay attention to even the tiniest gaps, as wildlife are clever at finding their way in.

Siding: You can also caulk and seal holes in your siding. This is an easy entry point for wildlife. Squirrels will crawl up your downspouts and use the holes in your siding as the perfect doorway.

Vents: Any unscreened vents or vents with a damaged screen are asking for wildlife to live inside. Dryer vents, foundation vents, and attic vents all need to be properly screened. The screening should be strong enough to keep rodents from chewing through it.

How can Wildlife X Team® help me screen my home from wildlife?

The team at your local Wildlife X Team® office knows where common wildlife entry points are and the best way to seal them. We have a trained and experienced eye to see the entry points you may be missing. Taking the time to seal your home from wildlife will save you the headache of an invasion later!

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Wildlife Exclusion

Once service is scheduled we will provide you with an Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report® to evaluate the severity of your nuisance wildlife problem. From here we can figure out how your wildlife problem happened, what we can do to get rid of the problem, and how we can prevent it from happening in the future. We are committed to doing the job right the first time. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

It's important to not attempt a wildlife exclusion by yourself. Coming face to face with angry rodents, squirrels, or raccoons is a danger to your safety. Also, without professional experience, it's easy to lock wildlife babies in your home by mistake. If this happens, the mother will likely come back and damage your home trying to get inside to their babies. 

When you call Wildlife X Team® to take care of your wildlife exclusion, we will provide you with unbeatable, timely, and professional service that fits your schedule. Wildlife X Team prides itself on our professionalism and our ability to get the job done in a timely manner. We will do everything necessary to get rid of your wildlife problem in a humane fashion.

If sanitation or repair is in order we will discuss this with you during the inspection and see that you get your home back and running smoothly ASAP!

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