Solar Vents

Adequate and proper attic ventilation is essential to ensuring your roof and home last for many years to come. Additionally, a well-ventilated attic can not only cut down on your energy bills year-round but make for a more comfortable home for all seasons.

Benefits of Solar Roof Vents

To help ensure great attic ventilation, let us install a solar-power exhaust vent. The benefits of a solar roof vent include: 

  • Removal of excess heat and moisture from the attic
  • Deterioration prevention
  • Protection against mold & mildew
  • Protection against ice damming
  • Exterior paint longevity

Solar vents require no extra wiring and are completely powered by solar energy. Plus, the included solar panels are wind, hail and rain resistant, and they’re fully adjustable to allow for the utmost solar exposure. Solar attic vents can lower your attic temperature bu up to 40 degrees in the summer! Often times when we run conventional attic vents, they use more energy than you save. With solar vents, you can take full advatage of the energy and cost savings you gain from using them. In addition to these great benefits, solar vent fans are quiet as a mouse! No more loud vent fans. 


When you're ready to install solar vents on your home, Wildlife X TeamĀ® can help. While we're up there, we can do a full inspection of your roof to make sure it's wildlife free. Call today! (817) 431-3007