Protect Your Property From Bobcats

Are you experiencing problems with bobcats on your property? As fascinating as these wild creatures are, they can pose a threat to your pets, livestock, and overall peace of mind. Wildlife X Team is here to help you! In this comprehensive guide, we will cover effective methods for getting rid of bobcats and ensuring that your property remains safe and secure.


1. Understand the Bobcat

Before attempting to remove bobcats from your property, it's essential to understand their behavior and habits. Bobcats are solitary, nocturnal animals that are highly skilled predators. They typically prey on smaller animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and birds but can also target larger animals like poultry, goats, and even deer. Recognizing their habits and identifying their presence is key to implementing effective removal strategies.


2. Remove Attractants

To deter bobcats from your property, remove anything that might attract them. This includes:

Secure garbage bins: Use wildlife-proof containers and ensure they are tightly closed to prevent bobcats from scavenging for food.

Feed pets indoors: Avoid leaving pet food outside, as it can attract bobcats and other wildlife.

Protect livestock: House poultry and other small animals in secure, well-ventilated enclosures, preferably with a roof.

Clear away brush: Eliminate potential hiding spots by trimming back vegetation and removing debris around your property. This will make it less attractive to bobcats and other wildlife seeking shelter.


3. Install Fencing and Barriers

One of the most effective ways to prevent bobcats from entering your property is by installing proper fencing. Here are some tips for creating an effective barrier:

Use sturdy materials: Opt for high-quality materials, such as chain-link or welded wire mesh, that can withstand a bobcat's weight and climbing abilities.

Height matters: Install fencing that is at least six feet high to deter bobcats from jumping over it.

Add an overhang: To prevent bobcats from climbing over the fence, consider installing a 45-degree angle overhang facing outward at the top of the fence.

Bury the base: Dig a trench at least 12 inches deep and bury the bottom of the fence to prevent bobcats from digging under it.


4. Scare Devices and Deterrents:

Employing scare tactics and deterrents can help to discourage bobcats from approaching your property. Some effective options include:

Motion-activated lights: Install motion-sensor lights around your property to startle and scare away bobcats when they approach.

Ultrasonic devices: Use ultrasonic repellers that emit high-frequency sounds, which can be uncomfortable for bobcats and other wildlife.

Scarecrows and decoys: Place realistic-looking scarecrows or decoys around your property to create the illusion of a larger predator, which can deter bobcats.

Natural deterrents: Some homeowners have found success using natural deterrents like predator urine (e.g., from coyotes or mountain lions) to discourage bobcats. However, this method may attract other predators, so use with caution.


5. Live Trapping and Relocation

If the above methods do not yield results, live trapping and relocation may be necessary. Please note that trapping and relocating bobcats can be dangerous and is often regulated by state and local laws. We strongly recommend contacting Wildlife X Team or other professional wildlife removal experts for assistance.

Choose the right trap: Use a large live trap designed specifically for catching bobcats, such as a sturdy cage trap with a drop door or a coil spring foot-hold trap.

Bait and placement: Select an appropriate bait, like fresh meat or a live animal in distress (e.g., a rabbit or a squirrel). Place the trap near the area where the bobcat has been spotted or where its tracks are visible.

Check traps regularly: Inspect traps at least once a day to ensure the humane treatment of any trapped animals and to comply with local regulations.


6. Professional Assistance

In some cases, the best solution for removing bobcats from your property is to hire professional wildlife removal experts. Wildlife X Team has extensive experience in humanely and effectively handling bobcat removal. Our trained professionals can assess your situation, devise a customized removal plan, and ensure that the bobcats are relocated safely and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Bobcats are magnificent creatures, but their presence on your property can pose risks to your pets, livestock, and overall sense of security. By understanding their behavior, removing attractants, installing barriers, employing scare tactics, and seeking professional assistance when necessary, you can effectively keep these wild animals at bay.

Trust Wildlife X Team to help you navigate the complex process of bobcat removal and maintain a safe, bobcat-free environment on your property. Contact us today for a consultation and let our expert team provide you with the guidance and assistance you need.