Fly Control

Wildlife X Team® knows thaFly Controlt a house fly infestation can be annoying at best, and destructive at worst. That's why we only use the best tools and sources to treat and manage fly problems. Flies in your home or business can disrupt your family and customers, as well as spread germs. House flies can carry diseases such as E. coli, cholera, shigellosis, and typhoid fever, making them a danger to those around your home or establishment. 

To manage and treat fly problems, we utilize Maxforce Fly Spot Bait, an indoor/outdoor spray that baits and kills common house flies in 60 seconds or less. Maxforce lasts for up to six weeks and is a low odor, so your property won’t stink or smell while it’s working.



  • Uses a seductive pheromone
  • Perfect for inside commercial establishments
    and outside of residents and commercial buildings
  • Can be used as a spray-on or paint-on
  • Results within 60 seconds

We also utilize fly traps, specifically the Flypod flytrap, one of the most effective fly killers available. The Flypod sits discreetly in any home or work environment, utilizing a high-powered 18 watt UV bulb and pheromone laced glue board to attract any nearby flies or pests. Once a fly crawls up or enters the pod, it will be unable to escape. Their body will remain out of sight until emptied.

In addition to the Flypod, we also use the Luralite Cento Plus, a flying insect and fly control unit that is designed to look like a decorative wall light. The Luralite system allows us to control flies in a clean, hygienic way. Plus, its design makes it ideal for use in public areas like stores, restaurants, and the office where discretion is a must.

How to Prevent Flies from Coming Inside

There are steps you can take to limit the number of flies that enter your home or business. Most places will not be able to avoid flies entirely, but here are some actions you can take:

Keep Things Tidy

Food odors are the main attractant for flies in your home or business. To keep food odors at a minimum, ensure your trash is closed and food is stored with an air-tight lid. If you have any spills, be sure to clean them up as quickly as possible. Keep your sink clear of dirty dishes. Don’t forget Fido’s food—be sure to keep pet food in a sealed container.

Avoid Excess Moisture

Another fly attractant is excessive moisture. To avoid this, fix any drips or leaks. Common areas of excess moisture include the kitchen sink, laundry room, and utility sink. If you have a general excess of moisture, a dehumidifier can greatly help.

Keep Screens in Good Repair

Holes in your window and door screens leave a gateway for house flies to enter. Ensure that any holes in your screen are patched and in good working order. If you’re coming in and out of the house, ensure you keep the doors closed when they’re not in use. If you have any holes around your windows or doors or in your siding, seal them with caulk.

House flies in your home or business are quite a nuisance! For fly control, contact the experts at Wildlife X Team® today.