Lizard Removal & ControlLizards

Lizards are mostly a nuisance, but they can cause garden damage to the extent that residents request lizard removal. The most common types of lizards are iguanas and geckos, and the larger lizards can whip their tails aggressively when threatened. If you are facing a lizard problem in your yard, call (817) 431-3007 today to request lizard trapping and lizard removal today in your home!

Lizard Problems

  • Damage to garden plants
  • Startling presence in homes
  • Potential to carry diseases
  • May lay eggs in your house


Where do Lizards Hide in your House

Lizards love dark and cool places. Common places they hide in your house include behind furniture, in raised garden beds, behind benches, and in cupboards. They enjoy small and covered spaces. They will also hide near places that offer food. 

Things that Attract Lizards in your House

  • Insects - Lizards love to eat insects. If you have an insect problem in your home that hasn't been taken care of yet, it could be attracting lizards. Lizards are also known to nibble on plants and fruit on the counter. Keeping your fruit off the counter stored in containers or in the fridge can help. 

  • Water - Like all animals, lizards need water to stay alive. If you have leaky pipes, spills, or stagnant water, you could be attracting lizards.

  • Safety - Lizards like to be covered in safe habitat. If you have extra clutter in your home, it could be servicing as lizard habitat. 

Getting Rid of Lizards

Lizards, similar in appearance to snakes, can be frightening if you spot one in the wild or in your home, and although they don't typically attack residents, it's still good to be cautious. Call (817) 431-3007 today to get started on the lizard removal process and learn how you can make your property less attractive to lizards.