Managing Wildlife & Pests

Effective and permanent wildlife & pest control for both urban and suburban areas combines sanitation, exclusion, and removal of wildlife or pests in and around the structures—this combination of ideas is known as an Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, program. Pests are defined as any unwanted intruder in, under or around your home or business, be it insect or wildlife. The steps of an IPM program include:

  1. A thorough home and/or property inspection in order to identify the wildlife/pests;
  2. The need for wildlife and/or pest control is assessed along with the efficacy, cost, safety and environmental effects of control methods including environmental, biological, mechanical and chemical methods; and
  3. After careful consideration and planning, the best wildlife and/or pest control methods are used to manage the infestation.

Learn more about Wildlife X Team®'s wildlife and pest control services and the creatures we frequently remove and control below: