Why & How Wildlife Animals Invade Homes

With Winter here, it’s not unusual for animals to want somewhere warm to hideout. Human homes are perfect for that!

They won’t hang around the common areas; instead they usually go in the attic, chimney, or somewhere between the walls.

There are several places wildlife animals can sneak into. We at Wildlife x Team specialize in locating & safely removing wild animals from people’s homes, then restoring them.

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The reason many wildlife animals try to sneak into people’s homes is because it’s better protection than anything they could build in the wild.

Our homes provide protection from predators, temperatures, and they also provide a safe place to raise kits or babies.

If they’re smart, they may also steal some of your food! Raccoons are particularly sneaky, with some stealing food from people’s fridge.

How Animals Invade Homes

Most people think that it’s enough to seal the windows & doors. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

While some animals may sneak in through the window or door, most find more creative ways to break in. They also find ways which don’t lead to common areas, such as an attic, so that they aren’t detected by you.

Here are some ways that wildlife animals can invade your home:

First, holes under the home can lead them to dig tunnels. Silicone & wires can also be easily chewed up by rodents.

Did you know that “rodents” comes from the Latin word “Rodere,” which means “to gnaw?” Rodents have front teeth that never stop growing; don’t underestimate their power!

Diggers such as skunks are also great at finding their way underneath a home. Sometimes the problem isn’t that a wildlife animal is breaking in, but that they’ve dug holes under your home!

Second, small holes can be opened by wildlife animals. Rats are again especially good at detecting small openings. These creatures are also able to shrink their body size in order to get through.

These small holes around or on top of your home may not be easily detectable to you, but we’re great at locating them. Any sign of an entrance may encourage wildlife animals to break in!

The final method animals regularly get inside people’s homes is by climbing. In our YouTube video, a raccoon climbed onto the roof and tore a hole in order to find his way in!

Sometimes there are hole son your roof or other entrances that climbers such as raccoons can get into. Chimneys that are open may also be explored by naturally curious creatures.


These are the common ways wildlife animals break into people’s homes. Of course there are other ways, but these are the big three.

If you think you have a wildlife or home problem, give us a call at 855-WILDLIFE and we’ll be happy to help out. 

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