Why Animals Infest: The Search For a Superior Shelter

There are many reasons that animals & pests may look to infest your home. When the positive benefits outweigh the downsides to getting caught by you, it becomes a no-brainer to take over your home. 

Wildlife & pest infestation is great for the creatures, but can lead to great damages to you & your health, your home, your family, and even your pets. 

The longer a pest infestation goes on, the more expensive it can become to deal with, and the damages to your home will increase with time as well. 

Furthermore, many wild animals and pests carry deadly diseases such as rabies which can be a direct threat to the health of you, your family, and your pets. 

In today’s post, we’re going to review some of the reasons that wild animals & pests seek to infest your home, and what you can do about it.

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Here are some of the reasons why an animal or pest may decide to infest your home:

Why Animals Infest: The Search For a Superior Shelter

Animals & pests love your home for one of the main reasons you do too: you are protected from the harsh elements outside. 

Whether it be heat, snow, wind, rain, or storms, your house protects you and allows you to be comfortable. It will do the same for wild animals & pests also looking for an edge against the competition. 

Prior to the development of the world, wild animals had to seek shelter by creating it with tree branches and sticks, but now they can sneak into hidden sections of your home that you weren’t even aware of! 

Animals & pests will typically avoid areas like your bedroom or living room because they can sense you’re there often. 

Instead they will try to find or create secret spaces in your home to be protected from you as well. 

For example, some wild animals will find or create sneaky ways into your attic so that they can live there! 

In other cases, animals will find a way to get in between the walls or underneath the home by digging. 

Where animals can hide all depends on the design of your home, but more likely than not there are secret, small spaces you are not aware of that could be hosting wild animals and pests if you are not careful to have them blocked off. 

Some of our clients have had pest infestations going on for nearly months but they were not aware of it because the animals were so sneaky and they weren’t even aware that those places potentially had creatures! 

That’s why it’s important to stay alert of the warning signs of an infestation and have your property inspected by yourself or an expert regularly as the damages of an infestation only get more expensive as time goes on.

Identify and cover tiny cracks, holes, and other little entrances all over your home. You’d be surprised how small of a hole a wild animal will squeeze through in order to seek shelter. 

When wild animals can’t squeeze through the hole, they may resort to just making it bigger themselves if they sense what’s inside is worth the effort! 

Raccoons in particular have been known to rip apart roofing in order to open a hole into the attic where they can seek shelter. 

Identify potential entrances into your home and get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Let The Experts Handle Things

Whether you think you have a wildlife problem or you know beyond a reasonable doubt, dealing with wildlife & pests once the infestation has begun is dangerous, time-consuming, and requires an expert. 

We at Wildlife x Team International specialize in safe & responsible removal of wildlife & pests. 

We can remove the wild animals humanely, return them to the wild when possible, provide a guarantee on our work, restore any damage caused, and more! 

Give us a call at 855-WILDLIFE or visit www.wildlifexteam.com  for more information today. 

You can also CONTACT US or view our LOCATIONS here! 

-Wildlife x Team International 


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