Which Animal is Most Likely To Bite?

Can you guess what creature is most likely to bite us when we’re working out in the field?

Is it snakes, raccoons, or even alligators? The answer will surprise you.

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The wildlife creature most likely to bite us (and you too) is the squirrel! This came as a surprise to us when reviewing the data, but it’s the truth.

Snakes came second- but they surprisingly weren’t so close to the frequency of squirrel bites.

Squirrels are not usually aggressive creatures; we’ve all seen the park squirrels playing on the trees, and they always run away if you get too close (or even look at them).

Squirrel bites in public parks are extremely rare too- squirrels shy away from humans even when offered food.

When it comes to wildlife infestation however, squirrels can become quite territorial. They will run away if they can but when stuck in between a wall or hiding in your attic, they are very likely to bite because they don’t feel like they can run to anywhere else!

Most wildlife animals will bite if they feel they have no other choice, so why is it that we (and others) are most likely to be bit by a squirrel of all wildlife creatures (including raccoons, snakes, and even crocodiles).

The reason for this has to do with the squirrel’s size and speed: first a squirrel is very small, making it harder to catch compared to a raccoon which is larger and a bit smaller. The squirrel is also has one of the best reaction speeds & snap-movement of all wildlife creatures.

While some wildlife animals may be faster (ie. running 30MPH instead of the squirrel’s 20MPH), the squirrel is able to react and bite faster than most other wildlife creatures.

The combination of being small and therefore hard to catch along with super-speed reaction speeds makes squirrel bites the most frequent, even if other wildlife animals attempt to bite more often than squirrels.

The key here is “attempt.” A raccoon or possum may try to bite us but they’re easier to control and predict. Wildlife x Team workers who have been bit by the squirrel report that “one second they were there, next I was bit, and then they were gone.”

When a squirrel gets up in your attic, they don’t mess around! Squirrels can be some of the biggest pains to remove, and you should definitely contact a wildlife removal specialist if you think you have squirrels.

Do you need help with squirrels, or any other wildlife creature? Give us a call at 855-WILDLIFE or visit our main page at www.wildlifexteam.com and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Thanks for reading!

-Wildlife x Team International

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