What if We Killed All the Bugs?

No one likes the feeling of a blood-sucking vampire mosquito crawling up on them, biting into their skin and causing some itchy bumps for the next day. 

Besides mosquitoes, all insects are, for the most part, quite unpleasant

Some bite us and cause little pain and annoyance in an attempt to suck our blood. 

Other insects such as bees & hornets cause substantially more pain, and for those who are allergic to them, they can be rather deadly. 

Almost all insects are annoying pests in some ways- they are capable of hiding in between our walls, in our attics, and underground. 

Our urban cities have provided insects with more hiding & breeding grounds than ever before, forever linking insect infestation to humanity. 

You might not even realize you have insects living in your home with you until you leave a snack out for too long, and suddenly an army of ants comes out to eat your leftovers. 

Fighting insects directly is mostly futile- kill one ant and three more come to take its place! In the case of bees or wasps, if you kill one they will release pheromones which attract others to you and put them on “attack mode!” 

Besides all of these little insects, insects are actually the single most deadly creatures to humanity, more than all other wild animals combined. 

Mosquitoes alone kill millions of humans every year by transmitting deadly diseases such as malaria! 

No one in the right mind enjoys being around insects, or sharing our world with them. 

So, what if we possessed a weapon that could wipe out all insects without damaging anything else? What if we could press the “delete” button on insects, and do away with them? 

Wouldn’t you like to have no more insects? 

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Deleting Bugs: Day I

In the first few days, nothing much would happen, except perhaps a great sense of relief from farmers who won’t have their food supply eaten, poor families that no longer have to fear malaria or death by one mosquito bite, and homeowners that will no longer have any of these pests infesting their home. 

Things would seem great. All insects are gone! No more pests!! 

By week 1, things will start going bad. Very bad. 

Killing Bugs: Week I

As much as we’d love to delete all insects from planet earth, both for the little annoyances they cause us and the deaths they cause to millions, such an action would be suicide for all of humanity. 

In the first week we’d celebrate, and things would be all fine and dandy. The average person wouldn’t notice anything, but the many government organizations and scientists would start to pick up on things: 

First, dead things would stop decaying quickly. Bacteria & insects help dead things decay, and with no insects to feed on dead things, they would decay a lot slower. 

Instead of dead animals & plants decaying into the ground and giving way to new life, they would just remain there, and in fact block + contaminate land that would otherwise transform into new life. 

Honey & silk would immediately cease production, as there would be no insects to produce these things directly. 

Small changes in plant & animal life would take effect too, but we wouldn’t really to start to see the differences until 1 month in.

You wouldn’t really notice anything, but by the time month one is over, you’d be in panic mode! 

Killing Bugs: 1 Month In

By month I we’d start to enter a crisis mode. 

About 80-90% of all plants on earth are dependent on insects to reproduce. The insects help them reproduce! 

Without insects, we’d start to see less plant life. This would create a domino effect with less plant life, animals would starve to death because they couldn’t eat the plants. 

Other animals, for example bird populations, would start to starve almost instantly as insects are a huge staple of their diet! 

By month I we would start to enter a mass extinction, in which countless creatures starve to death as their primary source of food or reproduction disappear, or the second order consequences create a domino chain that affect other animals! 

Within the month humanity would be in danger. The cost of food would skyrocket. Goods such as honey would become immensely rare & valuable.  

As if we don't currently have a hunger problem, it would get worse. Everyone everywhere would be affected. 

It’s probable that millions of humans would die as food prices skyrocket with the supply of food dropping rapidly! 

Also, remember what we said earlier about dead things not decaying? All of the dead animals + plants would be dead by one month in, and there would be no insects to help decay these creatures, so significant portions of previously arable land would become unusable as crops and animals die! 

By the first year without bugs, a mass extinction would be sweeping over the Earth…

Killing Bugs: 1 Year Later

It’s hard to say what exactly would happen one year in, but we can predict that the results would not be good at all. 

Extreme change and mass extinction would sweep over the planet. Life wouldn’t end- but it would become extremely difficult, food would be hard to come by, and millions of people would die or become malnourished as they lack access to food sources! 

It’s also probable that with all the extra dead matter lying around, new types of bacteria would evolve to eat it, which could cause disease for us.

About 50% of all known species are insects, so while they might seem insignificant, wiping out all insects actually means wiping out 50% of all species on Earth, which would end up directly affecting all other living creatures on Earth. 

It is probable that life would continued- there are after all creatures not entirely dependent on insects for their survival, and humans could eat those creatures, however the vast majority of creatures are heavily dependent on insects, thus it’s safe to say that killing insects would cause one of the greatest if not the greatest global crisis in recorded human history. 

All creatures would be affected and civilization would fall apart as riots, wars, and chaos sweep over the planet as everyone desperately tries to secure what little food is available. 

Insects Today

So while we can’t eradicate annoying insects from this Earth, we can eradicate them from your home. 

Wildlife x Team International specializes in safe & responsible removal of wild animals + pests from your home. 

If you have a wild animal or insect/pest-related problem, please call us at 855-WILDLIFE or visit www.wildlifexteam.com and we’ll be sure to help you out. 

We may not be able to delete insects from Earth, but we can delete them from your home. Let us help you out! 

Thanks for reading! 
-Wildlife x Team international 

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