What if insect populations tripled?

There are so many insects already in the world. 400 to 800 million tons of insects and other pests alone are eaten by spiders. In fact, spiders eat at least 72.5 billion mosquitoes alone every single year.

Insects are some of the greatest and worst things for humanities. In some ways they help us, such as by pollinating flowers & producing honey for us.

In other ways they are horrible. Mosquitoes for example are the deadliest creature in the world, causing millions of cases of malaria every single year. Thankfully that’s recently on the decline.

Many of us are already annoyed by just how many insects are out. But what if their populations tripled?

The effects would be disastrous. In fact, it could severely threaten the human race!

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Insects would eat through crops, destroying land and making food scarcer. Countries not equipped to deal with the problem would struggle with fighting off the insects and likely begin to start dying off.

Countries near the equator would particularly suffer as they already have better climates for more insects. Poor countries that can’t fight the insect waves, such as poor African nations, would experience great unrest and a massive increase in hunger problems.

It’s safe to say that some countries would experience civil unrest as people began stealing food & fighting for resources. Again, this would begin with countries near the equator that are struggling.

European & North American countries wouldn’t be as affected initially but the suffering would trickle down as well.

Food prices would likely increase greatly as farmers have to spend loads of cash to fight off insects.

It’s safe to say that a lot of the world food supply would become contaminated as well because insects would either eat it OR infect it with diseases, making it impossible to eat.


With so many insects eating all kinds of crops and destroying the environment, the entire ecosystem would be affected- this would again come all the way back to affecting us humans to the point that it would put millions of lives (or greater) at risk!

Herbivores that eat plants that the insects are destroying or infecting would start to die off, which would also prevent carnivores that eat those animals from getting food as well.

This would again limit our food supply.

Farmers also would struggle with raising livestock for meat! All food would become scarcer and thus more expensive. People would go hungry.


Did you know that mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on Earth? This is because they spread malaria as well as other diseases when they bite you.

Tripling the mosquito population would likely triple the incidence of malaria and thus deaths as a result. Combined with infestation of food & livestock, it would be safe to say that all kinds of insect-related diseases would explode and take over, further damaging us humans.

Pest Infestation

Homes, apartments, and public buildings would face massive infestation problems as all these new insects look for places to call “home.”

Pest infestation would damage people’s homes, and lead to an increased spread of disease and general annoyance.

Total Damage

It’s hard to estimate exactly what would happen, but it’s safe to say that millions of people would die and become injured as a result of pest populations tripling. Eventually the ecosystem & economies would re-stabilize, but the continued damage would become a huge problem to deal with.

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