We Can Help with Raccoon Control on Your Property

We, at the Wildlife X Team, are frequently called to assist Texas homeowners with raccoon control on their properties. Raccoons often show up in attics in the spring in order to give birth to offspring. If a homeowner tries to remove the Mama and babies, quite a fight can ensue as the mother is protecting her brood from what she perceives is an attack.

Raccoons, if they find entry into an attic, can cause quite a bit of damage, as they often will use insulation in order to build their birthing nests. Therefore, if you hear the small paw pads of the animals running to and fro in your attic, you need to contact us here at the Wildlife X Teamwithout delay. Not only do raccoons annihilate insulation, they also leave their feces on the floor and can do damage to any wiring or cabling. Therefore, we often practice raccoon controlfor public health and safety reasons too.

About the Raccoon

The raccoon weighs about 10kg and can live as long as 20 years in captivity. The animal likes to inhabit land that is close to lakes, streams, ponds, or wooded areas. The omnivorous animal eats fish, plants, and insects. Raccoons are nocturnal animals. So, if a raccoon takes up residence in an attic, he can make quite a bit of noise during the night.

Probably the most memorable features about the animal are its black facial mask and dexterous front paws. These features make it easy for the animal to open jars as well as turn knobs on doors. The mating of raccoons usually happens late in the winter or early in the spring. A female raccoon will usually give birth to five baby kits or cubs.


You Simply Can’t Post a Sign: “Do Not Enter”

So, when it comes to raccoon control, you might not think of raccoons the same way as you do rats or mice. However, they become pests when they set up residence in a person’s attic. They can do a lot of damage if they are not removed and the entry to the area is not sealed. Raccoons can slither through openings in chimneys as well as gain access through attic vents that have not been sealed or screened.

We make it possible here at the Wildlife X Team for wildlife to be removed without difficulty or hassle, and offer services that include removing food sources and water of the animals so that they do not return. Sealing and caulking entry or access areas is another preventative measure we follow for raccoon control and wildlife removal. We understand how to remove such wildlife as fox, bats, snakes, birds, beavers, gophers, squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons.




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