We are the Exterminator in Fort Worth to Call for a Rodent Problem

While we are specialists in all kinds of pest control, we, at the Wildlife X Team, regularly receive calls about eliminating rodents in businesses and homes. That is because the pests not only present health concerns, they also tend to accumulate rather rapidly. Therefore, when it comes to an exterminator in Fort Worth, we at the Wildlife X Team can assure our customers that any problems with mice and rats will be eliminated successfully and permanently.

Heavy Infestations

Some of our customers have called us complaining about heavy rodent infestations. When this problem surfaces, we recommend that special precautions be taken with respect to clean up, especially if the building is vacant. Reports of the hantavirus have been confirmed in rodent populations in the U.S. Persons involved in clean-up are asked to contact their state or local health departments or OSHA about preventing any disease or infection from rats or mice.


Total Rodent Control

The rodent-induced hantavirus may lead to HPS or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which notably can be fatal. Therefore, the primary strategy used by any exterminator in Fort Worth, including us here at the Wildlife X Team, is to take all the measures necessary to eliminate and control the pests.



Cleaning Up after the Pests

We recommend that persons involved in cleaning up heavy populations of rodents wear disposable coveralls, disposable shoe covers or rubber boots, vinyl, latex or rubber gloves, and protective goggles.



Wearing the Proper Masks

In addition, participants in a clean-up crew should wear a respiratory protection device. Either an air-purifying respirator in a half-mask design should be worn, or a powered air-purifying respirator, also known as a PAPR, should be donned, with each device featuring a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or HEPA.



Rodents or Any Kinds of Infestation Should be Addressed without Delay

Naturally, we as an exterminator in Fort Worth do not want an infestation to become so bad that these kinds of clean-up precautions need to be implemented. That is why we ask anyone who discovers signs of rodents around their property to contact our company right away. As an exterminator in Fort Worth, we know all the techniques and checks we need to conduct in order to get rid of a mouse or rat problem permanently.



Our Commitment as Pest Control Specialists

As an exterminator in Fort Worth, we at the Wildlife X Team not only specializes in rodent control, we also assist in the eradication or removal of such pests as termites, bees, and raccoons. We are a commercial and residential specialist in the removal of pests. That is why we are committed to making business and residences healthy and safe places in which to live and work.






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