We are Specialists in Bee Removal in Dallas

Bees can cause harm to people if they are not eradicated from a home. It is not just a simple matter of removing the hive. That is why we at the Wildlife X Team suggest that homeowners identify the problem and call us for bee removal in Dallas.

Identifying the Bee by Location and Nest

We suggest that homeowners identify the insect and its nest to garner information about the type of bee that is residing in the residence. For instance, bumblebees usually do not choose to set up housekeeping in a wall, but usually settle into seat cushions, foam pads, or insulation.

Yellow jackets, on the other hand, will construct a paper nest in the ground, in holes in walls, in a crawlspace, or in the attic. Honeybees usually choose to reside in the walls of older homes that do not feature insulation between the studs. Typically, if you see the bees flying out from an entry during the spring, it usually will be honeybees – even more reason to call us here at the Wildlife X Team to secure bee removal in Dallas.

A bee can be further identified by the construction of its nest. While honeybees build a comb from wax, other stinging bees build their homes with paper, mud or wood fibers. We, at the Wildlife X Team, know the life cycle of the bees we remove. Therefore, we can time bee removal in Dallas so the nest is easily discarded.


Yellow Jacket and Hornet Nests

With respect to bee removal in Dallas, yellow jackets are often a problem in the summer as the nest is generally quickly becomes very large. Early in the life cycle of the bee, or in the spring, the nest is not easily recognized as it is very small and the bee, at that time, is not particularly aggressive. However, the bees need to be removed by summer, as the paper nest has not only increased in size, the yellow jackets have become more aggressive.

Typically, yellow jackets, not honey bees, are attracted to food or beverages and can sting a person as a result. The hornet also produces a paper nest like the yellow jacket and has about the same lifespan.



Call Our Bee Removal Team

We advise anyone with a yellow jacket problem or other issue with bees to contact our company right away. People who try to remove a nest themselves often have to wear a protective veil, protective clothing, and gloves. It typically takes more than one try to fumigate or get rid of the insects, especially if the homeowner attempts it himself. Therefore, to ensure safe removal contact us here at the Wildlife X Team so that you are not burdened with doing it yourself.




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