Tips For Sudden Wasp Attacks (Attacked On Camera)

Wasps are like bees, but can be even more violent. They are small, yellow insects with a large stinger.

Wasps are vicious. Sometimes they will attack for no reason at all!

In fact, Michael, Wildlife x Team’s social media person, was just attacked by over 30 wasps. He took it as a good opportunity to create THIS VIDEO on some tips for what to do if you get suddenly attacked by a ton of wasps.

To check out the video version of this post, please click HERE now.

Note that this post is not about what to do to keep wasps away. It’s about what you should do if you find yourself suddenly attacked by wasps!

Tip #1: Turn Off The Lights

If it is dark outside, and bright inside, and a window or other secret entrance is open, then insects will move their way towards the lights.

You might be in the way and the wasps randomly decided to start attacking you.

One easy way to quickly get rid of the wasps is to turn off all of the lights inside your home. Turn on a light outside of the home, and the insects will eventually fly right out!

Tip #2: Wasps Are Stupid

You have to be fast to kill a fly, but you don’t have to be fast & special to kill a wasp. In fact, they are rather slow & stupid.

Being aggressive & freaking out will not help you at all. Wait for a wasp to land on a location you can slap it with- we recommend grabbing a newspaper or something like that.

Aim your smack, and then gently smack the bug. You don’t have to hit it that hard to prevent it from flying.

A light hit will prevent it from flying away & attacking you so that you can crush it once it has fallen to the ground!

If you try too aggressively to smack it, you will be more likely to miss the shot due to the adrenaline. Furthermore, you could break something inside of your home!

Tip #3: COVER UP

Wasps like stinging people’s necks & backs because they are the most vulnerable spots on you. Even a bite can be rather painful!

In the video I recorded, I was wearing a hoodie & shorts because it was the only defense I had against the wasps. They unfortunately got the back of my neck before it was too late.

Grab a hoodie and make sure your body & back of your head is covered up. You should ideally wear pants + socks, but if not the bottom of your legs will generally be okay being exposed.

We recommend covering your arms up too (with the hoodie). Ideally, you could grab gloves too, but it’s okay if your hands are showing.

Your hands & bottom legs will not hurt as much as getting stung in the back of the neck. Try to cover up as much as possible before engaging with wasps.

Tip #4: Use Sprays

If you don’t have bug spray with you, try deodorant or air freshener. This sometimes deters wasps away from you.

Don’t expect it to deal too much damage though. Quickly experiment if possible, and then determine if you should continue it.

Tip #5: Beware of groups

Kill one wasp, and all of its nearby buddies will sting the heck out of you. They also can locate their fallen comrades and will search for the enemy (you).

Wait for one wasp to separate even just a bit from the group, then kill it. Run away to protect yourself from any angry wasps, and repeat this process.

Furthermore, groups can be hard to keep track of. Your eye can focus on one wasp, so it’s easy for a group of wasps to split up and sneakily sting you everywhere.

Tip #6: Locate the source

Where are the wasps coming from? Sometimes it’s just a one-off problem, but in my video there was some type of weird issue going on.

I couldn’t figure out why the wasps were invading my apartment, but I was able to figure out the source of the wasps from the outside. This allows me the ability to cover up that whole and prevent more from coming in.

Wasps are small and can fit through very tiny holes. Look very carefully when searching for an area they might be sneaking in from.

Tip #7: Call a Pest Control Company

One wasp you can manage on your own, but if you have multiple wasps, this could be the beginning of a dangerous situation.

Wasps are not good for you, your pets/family, and your property! Sometimes the source isn’t obvious (or where they’re entering from), and it’s best to get an expert to handle the situation for you.

Furthermore, if you are allergic or potentially allergic to wasps, then getting stung could be fatal.

We hope you enjoyed this post and video, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks for reading!


-Wildlife x Team International


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