Tips For Bird Infestations

Due to the adaptability & scavenging powers of pigeons, they have learned to survive in most environments all around the world.

Urban expansion has forced many animal species to retreat into the wild, but pigeon populations have exploded. They find it easier to survive in our cities due to the waste they can scavenge everywhere!

Bird infestations are starting to become a problem across the U.S. and other countries. In today’s post, we will be covering information on that.

Cities Are PERFECT For Pigeons

Due to the abundance of waste in cities, urban environments are perfect for pigeons to survive in. They are simply able to clean up all of our waste!

Bird Infestation

The longer pigeons live in a certain area, the more of a problem it can become due to expansion of them. They live in flocks of 50 to 500 pigeons, and expand rapidly.

If you start to notice a bird infestation problem, take action as soon as possible because it can become a huge problem if handled later.

Problems With Bird Infestation

There are a few problems when it comes to bird infestation.

First, pigeons can spread disease. They are well-known carries of several types of diseases, so this could be potentially harmful for young children and pets.

Second, pigeons can damage your property. They can damage your home through pecking. Bird droppings can also damage your home over time.

Signs of Bird Infestation

Birds continuously hanging around ledges, on your roof, etc. are signs that they might be claiming your house as their temporary territory! If you’re constantly hearing bird noises not typical of normal bird singing, then there might be quite a few hanging around your property.

Bird nests, feathers, and debris from birds is another huge sign that they’ve turned your property into their home as well. Birds will create nests to raise their young in- rooftops and small holes leading to attics are often perfect for birds.

Finding droppings everywhere is also a sign that there are a ton of birds hanging around your area!

Sometimes bird infestations are not always so obvious. For example, birds can enter holes as small as one inch.

Fixing Bird Infestations

First keep in mind that it is illegal to kill most birds. Doing so could land you in jail or with a huge fine if caught!

Do not attempt to hurt, kill, or damage the birds directly. This makes dealing with the problem tricky, and again why we recommend handling potential bird infestations earlier instead of later.

Try to block any openings in/out of your attic, or anywhere else they might be coming from. It is often typical of homes to have a small attic or area not accessible from within your home, but birds can create very small holes that lead to this.

This creates a perfect environment for birds to hangout in- we know that through our attic exploration projects, we very often locate birds up in the attics!

If blocking the entrance/exits and removing the bird stuff doesn’t work, then you need to consider calling a wildlife removal expert like us. Dealing with bird infestations is simply too risky for most people to take on due to all of the laws and regulations.


We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you soon!
-Wildlife x Team International

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