The Truth About The Sunken City of Atlantis Revealed

The Sunken or Lost City of Atlantis has been an elusive mystery to Historians & common people alike for thousands of years. 

To this day we are not certain as to where the Lost City of Atlantis is or even whether it truly existed! 

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Atlantis was described by Plato, an ancient Greek Philsoopher. Atlantis was a powerful, corrupt island-nation- the entire city was on an island. It is said to have existed beyond the pillars of hercules. 

This city was apparently determined to conquer the world. Because of their greed Poseidon apparently sunk the entire island nation. 

Atlantis sunk in exactly one night and one day. 

Some people think that the island city of Atlantis was a metaphor Plato used to explain that he believed when a nation becomes too corrupt & greedy it implodes on itself. 

Others think that Atlantis really existed because Plato was convinced that it existed! He called it as truth! 

Where is the lost city of atlantis?

The Lost City of Atlantis has been proposed to be in all kinds of places all around the world- from within the meditarannean sea, to Antarctica due to continental shifts, from the Bahamas and to many other locations (even the Bermuda Triangle). 

95% of the Ocean itself has not even been explored, so it is highly likely that the Sunken City of Atlantis (and other lost cities) could be somewhere under the Ocean just waiting to be discovered! 

In fact, other "sunken cities" have already been discovered all around the world. For example, there are "sunken cities" off the coast in China as well as other places. 

Over time the ground "sinks" and gets replaced by new soil, which is why we have to dig to find ancient ruins. It is highly likely that Atlantis is under the surface of the Earth somewhere, but discovering it with so much area to explore is difficult right now. 

The Meditarannean?

Some people believe near the Greek island of Santorini could be the location to the Sunken City of Atlantis. 

The reason for this is because the civilization that used to live here was completely wiped out by a volcanic eruption which could parallel Plato's story. To add onto this theory, small items have been dug up near the cost that match Plato's description of the lost city. 

There is another theory which says the city of Atlantis was located on the Southern coast of Spain, however the evidence isn't as strong here. One final theory is that it is somewhere in West Africa, which has more evidence but we weren't able to verify the evidence the video found so easily. 

Atlantis May Not Have Existed

Despite some degree of evidence, the truth of "atlantis" is hard to tell. It is much easier to prove a city actually existed when we have found it, but because there is so much area on Earth which has never been uncovered this city among others will forever be a mystery until we can scan the entire Earth or discover it. 

It could be likely that Plato based his story on real world events such as the fall of the Minoan Empire, or the desctrution of the Greek city before santorini (from the volcano). 

The Story Is Incomplete

The writings through which Plato talks about Atlantis was a 3-part series we believe, but only the first 2 parts were discovered. The second part ends on a fairly intense cliff-hanger, and whether or not a 3rd one was written has been speculated. 

Whether or not a 3rd part has been written, it has not been recovered. Plato either did not have time to finish the story or it became lost with time. 

This makes the story even more intruiging because it could mean that more information about Atlantis is out there, but never written or recovered yet!

Civilization & Natural Disaster

One thing we can draw from this story is that history proves that nature has always beaten mankind. No matter how great, long, or huge a civilization has been it has always collapsed if not due to other groups of people due to natural disaster. 

Our current world is very new- the USA for exapmle is only a few hundred years old. Empires that existed befoer us had existed for thousands of years, yet still they crumbled due to natural disaster eventually. 

What Do You Think?

What's your take on the Lost City of Atlantis? Let us know! 


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