The Odoriferous Skunk Home Invasion

Is there anything worse than having a wild animal invade your home? Actually there is if that animal is a skunk. Wild animals can typically do a lot of structural damage, but a skunk takes it one step further with their stinky spray that could pollute your home. Skunks can also bite and claw, but their main reaction is to spray and run. When a skunk has made your home their home, trying to remove them alone could cause a stinky problem that literally sticks around. You can ensure that your home is stink proof by hiring professional wildlife animal control for skunk removal in Highland Park.

What’s That Smell?

Have you smelled skunk spray around your home for quite some time? Chances are you may have a skunk living under your porch or deck. Are there holes in your yard that you cannot identify? Skunks are also known for digging. If your pets have been sprayed, or you keep smelling skunk spray in the vicinity, chances are that your property has been invaded by a skunk. They could have even fallen down into your basement or into a window well.

Professional Skunk Removal Is a Necessity

For obvious reasons, professional skunk removal is a necessity. An expert and skilled wild animal removal team will have all of the tools, cages, and techniques needed to safely remove a skunk from your home. Those that follow EPA and environmental standards can also ensure that the skunk is safely relocated. Skunks are pesky little creatures and there is no spray or repellent that can be used to keep them at bay. They must be trapped so they can be taken elsewhere and relocated into nature. It is wise to relocate them at least five miles from your property, and the professionals are already aware of this and will make sure the animal is returned to an environment that is better for them.

The Experts Can Help with Skunk Prevention

Once a skunk has been removed from your property, then the pros can assist you in making changes to your home to prevent another skunk from trying to live there. Skunks like to live under things such as porches and decks, and they like living in sheds, as well. If you have an exclusion barrier installed they will not wander into these areas. Pet food also attracts them, the experts always advise against keeping pet food outside where other wild animals can be attracted to it. Call the professionals so they can install a professional exclusion barrier around your property so you won’t have to worry about a stinky invasion ever again.

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