The Most Human-like Animals Revealed

We humans are a unique species here on Earth. We’ve developed structured society, roads, government, peace groups, and even some not so good things too.

As far as we know there are no other creatures (or aliens) as intelligent as us in the Universe, but there are some creatures which make a surprising close second!

In today’s post, we’re exploring what are 3 of the most human-like creatures you can find in the wild. If you know any that you think should be on the list, let us know and we’ll make a part II!

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  1. Apes

Of course apes is on the list, and everyone already knows a lot about them so we’re going to be brief on this one as it’s almost redundant at this point.

We share about 96% of our DNA with chimps, and chimps & bonobos also have learned how to craft weapons in order to help them get food!

They can be found playing, forming groups, and sometimes even mourning the loss of a loved one- which was only thought to be a human thing!

Some apes can be taught sign language, and communicate with us! When humans dressed up like chimps and created a movie, the chimps got so engaged in the movie that they forgot about things like food & water (sound like us yet?).

Some apes have also been able to lie, which typically not a trait is found in wild animals besides humans!

Bonobos finally are one of the few wild creatures to have sex for pleasure, instead of purely for reproductive purposes. Sometimes members from the same-sex will please each other!

Now that we’ve got apes out of the way, let’s explore some of the more surprising creatures that have striking similarities to humans

  1. Elephants

Elephants look nothing like humans, but they actually share many similarities.

For example, they are self-conscious. This means they’re able to recognize themselves in a mirror!

Elephants are arguably more emotional, creative, and certainly less violent than apes.

Some herds in sanctuaries were formed because the members had the same experiences growing up and in the rest of their lives

Elephants are a very social animal, and often feel a need to comfort each other the best they can. They can be found playing with each other.

Elephants are a very peaceful animal as well. Humans, through time, have fought many wars. The other side of this is that humans have advanced through the ages by being peaceful with one another, furthering their goals and growing to become the dominant species. Elephants are also like this, except they don't plan on conquering the world.

Elephants are also creative, to the point where they have figured out ways to speak human languages in an effort to socialize with us. Of course, humans are also creative.

While elephants may not appear to be so communicative, they actually have fascinating ways of communicating with each other! For example, they can stomp their feed subtly in the ground in certain ways and detect the vibrations caused by others.

It sounds strange to say that elephants are human-like, but they are highly social, form groups, take care of each other, and very peaceful.

  1. Dolphins

Did you know that in 2013, India classified dolphins as non-human persons with their own specific set of rights? This made it illegal to keep dolphins in captivity! India was the first government to pass such a law, but now it seems the world is following suit.

All because they live in the water doesn’t make them unlike us. Dolphins are very social, playful, and emotional creatures.

They form groups of dolphins, which we call “pods” in the ocean. They work together to raise their young, hunt together, play together, and protect each other.

When the elderly dolphins get too old, they take care of them, and will even help them swim to the surface to get some air!

Some dolphins have even been observed potentially mourning over the loss of their young!

Dolphins also have found ways to make tools out of the ocean. For example they will use a special sponge to protect the bottom of themselves getting hurt from the ocean floor when they hunt.

 Dolphins also have their own unique set of language! We have different languages and dialects, and some dolphins have been observed as having different dialects. We can’t hear them with our normal ears, but it is true that they speak &listen to each other.

Dolphins also give each other names- they have a unique type of whistle for each dolphin!

Like elephants, dolphins are also self-conscious and can recognize themselves in a mirror. They have distinct identities with their names, but also their sexual identity.

An Australian study discovered that some dolphins had same-sex relationships, or bisexual relationships.

Our brains have been studied and observed to be quite similar. We are still quite a bit more developed, but it’s possible that our brains evolved in a similar fashion!

We are not alone in being self-conscious, having sexual identity, or a desire for peace and compassion.

Knowing this humbles us, for it is easy to be disconnected in our cities filled with cement and away from the wild world.

What do you think of this? Do you know any other wild creatures that are similar to humans?

-Wildlife x Team international







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