Summertime Backyard Safety for Kids and Pets

Summer brings many things such as warmer weather, blooming flowers and, unfortunately,  unsuspecting safety hazards. To help ensure your backyard is safe for your children and pets this summer, Wildlife X Team presents some tips to protect your family from any hazards they may encounter with the changing season.

Beware of grill fires

Rising temperatures are a great excuse to break out your backyard grill. When you’re having fun grilling with your neighbors or family, notes that it can be easy to forget that they can be fire hazards if not used properly.

Never abandon your grill when you’re cooking, because your children or pets could accidentally knock down your grilling stand, leading to a potential backyard fire. Keeping your grill clean will also prevent any grease fires that may occur. Once you’re done flipping burgers, give your grill some time to cool off before you clean up. This will prevent the top of the grill from melting and potentially catching fire.

Secure Your Yard for Safety

If you don’t yet have a fenced-in backyard, now’s the time to have one installed. This helps secure your outdoor spaces from wild critters or stray dogs or cats from intruding on family time or when the kids are outside playing. If you don’t have a fence or can’t afford to have one installed, and unwanted wildlife is frequenting your yard, call on Wildlife X Team to remove the problem. 

Also think about your pets. It’s important to keep the backyard safe if you plan to let your pet transition from inside to outside when you're gone during the day or just to let them potty. This should include having a dog-proof trash can to limit messes and stomach upset for your dog if they decide to go rummaging. Consider getting one that’s durable and has a hands-free sensor for opening and closing the lid.

Put up a barrier around your pool

In some areas, summer signals the start of pool season. So, if you’re going for a swim with your family, make sure you put a fence or barrier up after you’re done swimming. Children or pets can wander into your backyard when you aren’t looking and can accidentally fall in and drown. A barrier around your pool will prevent them from falling in if they get too close to the water.

It’s also important to remember to supervise your children or pets whenever they are in or near the pool. Teaching your children how to swim and giving them life jackets when they are in the pool can also help prevent any accidents. Whatever improvements you make to your backyard or pool, be sure to keep documentation and receipts; they could increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Buyers appreciate luxury amenities.

Teach your children about trampoline safety

Trampolines are a ton of fun for the whole family, but they can also be dangerous. One misstep could lead to a stint in the emergency room. Teaching your child how to properly jump on a trampoline will help you have peace of mind. 

Limiting jumpers to one at a time and avoiding somersaults are just a couple rules you can put into place to make your trampoline a safe backyard activity. You can also install a high-quality net around your trampoline that will prevent your child from hurting themselves if they accidentally make a wrong jump.

Build a playground that’s fun and safe

Backyard playgrounds are a great way for your child to get some outdoor exercise. They’re also a great way to keep your child entertained and out of your hair while you’re working from home. Building a sturdy playground set on level ground and with soft rubber material can help protect your child if they fall off the swing or monkey bars. If your child is playing outside on a warm summer day, Heart2Heart CPR points out that you should make sure to feel the temperature of the play equipment to prevent burns. And as always, keep an eye on your child when they are playing outside in your backyard jungle gym.

Get rid of poisonous plants or flowers

Gardens are a great way to bring some color to your backyard. But, did you know that some of the most beautiful plants and flowers are also poisonous? To ensure your child or pet doesn’t accidentally ingest toxins, make sure you get rid of any dangerous plants in your backyard. If your toddler or pet eats one of these plants, call your local poison control center immediately. Consider working with backyard landscaping companies in your area to ensure your property is safe for your children and pets—just make sure you do plenty of research into the business you hire for the job to ensure they’re capable of identifying any potentially harmful plants.

Pools, playground sets, and grills are a great way to celebrate summer, but it’s important to keep in mind the possible dangers that come with warmer temperatures. Practicing proper safety techniques and supervising your children when they are playing outside will make sure that they stay safe this summer and every season to come.

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