Shocking & Crazy Wildlife x Team Stories

Wildlife x Team International has decade’s worth of experience in dealing with wildlife-related issues.

We’ve accumulated some crazy stories along the way as a result.

In today’s blog post, we shall share with you some of the most fascinating Wildlife x Team stories! Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t because this is just part one.  

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Most Animal Bites

What animal do you think bites us the most? Raccoons? Snakes? Take your guess & write it down because the answer is likely to shock you…

The animal that has bit us the most is the squirrel! Many of the Wildlife x Team International workers state “speed” as a reason for getting bit by the squirrel.

Squirrels are particularly fast and have extremely fast reactions. They are able to quickly identify skin and bite it fast. Other wildlife animals are not so fast so we are able to prevent it before it happens.

We try to always wear protective gear, but sometimes the squirrel is too fast for us!

Snake in the ATM

Would you believe us if we said that a snake once tried to clear out an ATM? Well, maybe it wasn’t smart enough to take the cash, but it did find its way inside an ATM!

Jon Culver with Wildlife x Team International received a call one day with a request to remove a snake from inside an ATM. The sneaky snake had quite literally gone inside the ATM, so it had to be opened up completely.

Bank employees as well as police all had to be present for him to remove the snake to confirm that no cash was taken from the ATM as a result of completing the job. The ATM had to be opened up completely in order to remove the snake!

1,000 Bats

Jon Culver also received another call with a bat problem, and swears that there were “thousands” of bats flying around the facility he stepped inside.

“It felt rather surreal,” he exclaimed- and understandably so! It’s rare for us to see bats, so just imagine thousands (or even just hundreds) flying all around you.


What people don’t realize about wildlife animals is that they aren’t as cute as they are on the movies and cartoons. Just like us, they have to leave waste; however they don’t have a designed toilet or room for it.

In the wild this isn’t a problem. The waste gets used by other creatures and the cycle of life continues.

In your home, it is a huge problem. Wildlife animals leave waste, and also pass away inside of people’s homes which attracts mold, disease, and also their decay gets into the air.

This reduces the air quality, which often causes allergy-like symptoms. If you are suffering from coughing, sneezing, fatigue, red eyes, etc. it may be worth getting an air quality test and wildlife inspection.

The cause of the problem might just be that you’re in a toxic home (or apartment), and need to get out!

Crocodile in Oklahoma City

Brad McKey received a fascinating call- a crocodile! In case you don’t know, crocodiles are typically only in Florida. They virtually do not exist except in zoos in the Midwest America.

There was a small crocodile hanging out by a small lake which naturally scared people, so he was called to the scene.

The crocodile wasn’t so large (it was still young), so there wasn’t so much to be afraid of. He picked it up and handled the problem safely and professionally.

Brad thinks that someone may have had a “pet baby crocodile,” and then because it had gotten too large they threw it out without care for their neighbors.

More Wildlife x Team Stories

We at Wildlife x Team have several stories to share with you- this is just part one! Stay tuned for more “wild” Wildlife x Team stories.

Thanks for reading.

-Wildlife x Team International

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