Selling A Home: How Busy Parents Can Prepare

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Getting a home ready to sell is a big job even when you’re not busy in other aspects of your life; but when you have kids, it can be an overwhelming task that keeps you stressed until the very moment a sale is complete. There’s always cleaning and decluttering to be done, depersonalization that will help potential buyers see the beauty in your home without distraction, and a thousand little details that will keep even the most organized person on their toes. 

So, how do you get through the home-selling process when you’re a busy parent? You may have hired an agent to do the selling for you. Or perhaps you’ve decided to keep some of those commission dollars and sell it yourself. If it’s the latter, Wildlife X Team wants to be sure that you learn all you can about the process.

Hire Some Help

When you’re a busy parent, one of the best ways to stay on top of cleaning is to hire some help. If there’s room in the budget, finding a cleaning service in your area that can come in weekly or bi-weekly will allow you to ensure that your home is tidy and clean even when you get a call for a last-minute showing. Be sure to vet the service first to avoid unreliable providers. You don’t need another stress to manage.

If there’s money in your budget, hiring a professional stager can help immensely, because they can come in and make changes that will help you get a better return on your investment. You can also remove pieces of furniture and decor to make cleanup easier, and it will also help to give the impression of a bigger space, which is always helpful when you’re selling a home. 

You may also want to outsource some home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home or its curb appeal. Both can make a big difference when listing and showing your home, and possibly add to a faster sale and less stress. Of course, don’t forget to hire professional movers to help you get everything from Point A to Point B safely and quickly. 

Keep Your Pets Groomed

It can be difficult to keep up with managing pet hair and making sure the furniture and floors are in good shape even when you’re not trying to sell your house, but with that added pressure, you may find it overwhelming and stressful. A great way to prevent issues with pet hair, scratches on the furniture, and carpet odor is to keep your pets well-groomed. There are several things you can do at home to help your pups stay clean and neat, such as brushing them every day, bathing them weekly, and keeping their toenails trimmed. You can even get the kids involved and ask them to help out each day with these chores to free up some of your time.

Check for Major Problems

When selling your home, there are problems and there are PROBLEMS. It’s best to check for both so that you and the potential buyer won’t have any surprises during the sale. Have your property inspected for leaks in the roof and plumbing, and look around for cracks in the foundation. These can be big enough issues that force you to switch your sale to “as is,” which means less money for you, or a huge renovation project before you sell.

Next, look for smaller but still alarming problems that buyers might be hesitant to take on themselves. For instance, are there any problems with your windows, such as cracks or jams? Those should be relatively simple fixes for a contractor. Or is there a rustling in your attic that might be attributed to a critter not your own? If so, it might be time to call Wildlife X Team to relocate your unwanted guest. You don’t want smaller issues like these leaving a bad taste in the buyer’s mouth. It’s better to take care of identified problems before they become a sticking point.

Keep Things Clean

For many families, the kitchen and living room are the most-used areas of the home, which means they tend to collect clutter, dust, dirt, and grease more quickly than any other room. If you can get everyone in the habit of cleaning as they go rather than leaving it for the end of the day (or the end of the week), you’ll be in much better shape. When you’re cooking dinner, wash some of the dishes you used to prepare while you’re finishing up so you won’t be left with a sink full of dishes. It’s also a good idea to try to keep the countertop free of clutter. 

Dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and other allergens float around in our homes every day, and when things are closed up for a long time, such as during the cold months of winter, the air quality in your house can be compromised. According to Interesting Engineering, that’s why it’s important to air things out as often as possible when your home is on the market and change your HVAC air filter often. This will help everyone breathe more easily, and will help to prevent stuffy air and odors. 

Stay Flexible

Practical choices to keep your home tidy make a big difference in flexibility. For last-minute showings or pickups, having a garbage bag nearby can help take care of any messes quickly and effectively. Dressing comfortably but presentably is also an excellent idea. You want to look neat and organized, but don’t need to wear business attire. For example, if you’re a new mom, investing in stylish yet comfortable loungewear is all you need to stay presentable, and you can easily find go-to items on sites like Amazon.

 It’s also important to minimize clutter in highly visible areas like the kitchen, living room, and entryway, which can be done by using attractive storage solutions such as shelves, boxes, and bins that blend into the décor. Having extra cleaning supplies on hand so that you can quickly spruce up surfaces if needed is also recommended. By taking these small steps, it will be easier to adapt to sudden changes without becoming overwhelmed with stress.


Selling a home is a big job, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make it easier. Get things as organized as possible to reduce clutter, and keep in mind that if you remove a couple of pieces of furniture and decor, not only will it make things easier to clean, it will help the room look bigger at the same time.

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