Scariest Shark Attacks in History

Ever since Jaws, everyone has been terrified of sharks and dozens of movies have been made to try to recreate the fear and excitement created in the first original shark horror movie. 

While real shark attacks aren’t common, as in you’re 37 times more likely to die from a coconut, they still do happen. 

Here are some of the most terrifying shark attacks on Earth. 

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1: The case of Barry Wilson

Wilson was the first Californian in history to be documented and attacked by sharks. He was a 17 year old tuba player hanging out with a friend in 30 feet deep water. Suddenly his friend saw him start to move strangely. The shark attacked Wilson so hard his entire body flew out of the water, and multiple eyewitnesses observed the whole situation. 

His friend and some others grabbed him when the shark attempted to drag him under. The shark chased the crew all the way back to the shore. Unfortunately he didn’t even make it to the beach as his injuries were so intense. He was gone by the arrival. 

2: The Disappearance of Robert Pamperin 

Robert Pamperin and his friend Gerald Lehrer were diving off the coast of San Diego when his friend heard Robert scream “help me” and disappear into the water. 

According to Lehrer, Pamperin was devoured all the way up to his waist and dragged down below. Lehrer attempted to dive below and search for his friend, but they disappeared. 

Lehrer swam away to alert nearby lifeguards about the attack. His friend Pamperin never resurfaced, and despite search attempts his body was never discovered. 

It was believed that he was… Devoured whole by the shark. Either that or his body was dragged far away from the attack sight. This is probably what happened because a full-scale search didn’t begin until about 1 hour after, during which the shark would have swam far enough away to make it too difficult to find the body. 

Some people speculated that Robert Pamperin could’ve faked his own death and moved to Mexico, but this is highly unlikely. His wife reported they were in a happy relationship, and all of the other evidence suggests that there was no financial payout or incentive for such a thing to occur. There was no evidence of a murder taking place either. 

As crazy as it sounds, Robert Pamperin may have been devoured whole, or his body was dragged so far away from the sight that he disappeared entirely. There was other evidence that suggested sharks in this area were more aggressive for complicated reasons we don’t need to get into. 

Case #3: Armless Bethany Hamilton 

The following is an admirable story of a girl who pursued her goals relentlessly despite massive adversity. 

Thirteen year old Bethany Hamilton was Hawaii’s top female surfer of her age group when suddenly she was attacked by 14-foot Tiger Shark. Her left arm was dangling in the water when suddenly the shark came up and instantly bit the whole thing off. 

Luckily for her, her surfing partners were able to prevent too much blood loss from happening and quickly get her back to the beach. An ambulance came by and miraculously saved her life despite Hamilton losing 60% or more of her blood. 

She survived all required surgeries and avoided infection, and within a month was back out surfing again. 2 years later she won her first national title in 2005. 

Despite having her arm literally chomped off by a shark, this fearless woman went back out and rode the waves relentlessly. 

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