When it comes to rodent control there are a few of them that take the list as far as being repeat nuisances among homeowners. Beavers, Mice, and Squirrels are common aggravations at times because of the damage they do, and are three of the rodents that the pros here at Wildlife X are used to seeing.



They may be cute, but squirrels can cause a lot of damage in a home up in its attic. You will hardly hear them at night, but during the daytime they will be back and forth, in an out of your attic, carrying food. Then, at about sunset, they turn in, but will wake up many times early morning. If you have a good bit of them in your attic you may end up getting inadvertent wake up calls.
You can always tell that a rodent such as a squirrel has been around if you just look at the things up in your attic that they got to. Squirrels have long sharp teeth so they will chew through everything, especially wood. But, at times, when they are around any type of wiring, they will chew through that as well. This could cause fires over time, so contact rodent control if you feel it’s necessary.


Rats and Mice

What are probably the most popular of the nuisance rodents, mice and rats are two that can sneak up in your home in a heartbeat. In fact, you likely won’t realize that you need rodent control until all of their damages are done. They are like all other rodents…they have to chew on things so that their teeth stay sharp. Inside of your home, this can be a number of items, but mostly it ends up being some of the same things as the squirrel above (cords, furniture, etc).
Other than the fact that rats and mice are a nuisance to thousands of households from coast to coast every year, the fact that they carry diseases are the reason that parents want them out of their homes the moment they realize that they have invaded the walls. The disease list that these rodents have accumulated only seems to get worse as the years go on. They carry nasty viruses such as rat-bite fever, eosinophilic meningitis murine typhus, and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

How We Can Help

Here at Wildlife X our team’s mission is to “provide humane solutions to nuisance wildlife issues. We also strive to educate the general public on how to solve conflicts between humans and wildlife in a humane manner.” We will be more than happy to help you with your rodent control problem, or with any other animal nuisance issues you may have.

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