Raccoons Can Ride Bicycles???

Scientists were way wrong when they thought that raccoons were stupid. In fact, some can even ride bicycles!

Don’t believe us? Click HERE to watch a raccoon ride a bicycle.

As it turns out, raccoons are proven to be smarter than dogs & cats.

These clever little creatures can climb anything, open doors, undo locks, and solve other basic problems. Their hands are similar to human hands, giving them the ability to grab & move things too!

Raccoons Are Becoming Smart: WHY?

Raccoons are smart, but they aren’t always smart. What changed?

For example, a wild raccoon is significantly less intelligent than the average dog.

Raccoons found in the city on the other hand are significantly more intelligent than the average dog.

Have raccoons mutated, or stumbled onto some secret to become exponentially more intelligent in the past 2 decades? Actually, the answer might be a little bit more simple.

Cities Are IQ Training Grounds

Most wildlife receded with human advancement because they found our cities unsustainable to actually survive in.

Some creatures, one of which is raccoons, found urban cities actually easier to survive in. Our cities provide an abundance of shelter and food to these clever creatures so their populations are booming!

What’s happening here is that adult raccoons are learning tricks here or there to navigate and survive in cities. Their offspring is observing this behavior and then replicating it themselves.

This cycle has repeated for a few decades now to create the “modern city raccoon.” The typical city raccoon is significantly smarter than dogs and surprisingly clever when it comes to problem-solving.

City Raccoons vs Wild Raccoons

City raccoons are using their brains & hands to navigate and expand with human expansions. They have found tricks to secure shelter and food without humans even realizing.

In fact, many people’s homes are actually infested with wildlife animals without them even realizing it!

This is because wildlife animals find small holes to enter in, and then quietly make it their base to raise offspring.

Wild raccoons do not have these abilities and are more likely to be attacked by predators also.

Wild raccoons are simply more likely to pass away, and they don’t have easy shelter and opportunity available to them like city raccoons.

Our cities come with so many secret rooms, areas between walls, and attics that wildlife animals can take shelter in without us even realizing! When we don’t even realize they’re hanging around there, they can rapidly expand in population, stealing our food or scavenging our waste.

What Does This Mean For Us?

It seems that every “trick” to stop raccoons gets one-upped. Raccoons are very persistent creatures.

Most wildlife animals give up after a few minutes of trying. Raccoons on the other hand keep trying, and trying, and trying, and trying, until they get what they want.

You’d be better off putting a raccoon next to the “never give up” motivational quote instead of a successful entrepreneur because of how persistent these little creatures are.

Anyways, this just means that we must take more preventative measures to stop raccoons from invading our personal spaces.

Remember, raccoons are a “rabies vector species.” They tend to err towards aggression and can spread diseases to you, your kids, and especially your pets.

If you think you have a wildlife infestation problem, you should contact us ASAP so we can get it handled for you. Make sure that your property is secured as soon as possible to prevent issues from expanding over time (which becomes more time & cost-consuming).


We hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!
-Wildlife x Team International


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