Protecting Your Home From The Dangers of Wildlife

What happens if you don't protect yourself?

Wildlife animals often look cute, friendly, and not dangerous at all. Unfortunately that is far from reality. Wildlife animals are very dangerous to your property, pets, and even your own health. It is imperative you protect your home and yourself from wildlife animals- read on to find out exactly why you should start protecting yourself today!

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Danger #1: Pets Will Be Hurt

Wildlife animals such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and other big mammals do not get along with with your pets. Vicious predators such as wolves can even kill your pets should they get in a quarrel! Your dogs, cats, and other animals believe that the house and surrounding area is "their territory." The smell is familiar and they are not used to having intruders, except for the occasional other human that you welcome in.

Raccoons and squirrels and other wildlife animals carry a distinct scent that may alarm your dog or cat. Your dog or cat also carries a distinct scent, which may trigger a rage inside the intruding animal. Whether they know they are intruding or not, raccoons and skunks are known to be especially defensive and will not appreciate any curiosity from your pets. They also have sharp teeth and can cause severe damage and infection to you and your pets!

If a raccoon "holes up" in a cabinet or any corner, they will fight to the death. Your pets will sense an intruder and will retaliate. What follows could be a blood bath between the raccoon, you, and your pets. Even if you don't have any pets, getting a raccoon out of your home can be a huge pain.



Danger #2: Property Damage

If a wildlife animal senses food or any reward inside your home, they will do whatever it takes to get inside! Unlike humans, they do not care how your home looks. Even the smallest of openings can turn into a huge hole after a raccoon is done with it. Should a raccoon get inside your home, they can cause in-house damage by knocking over lamps, tearing up furniture, and making holes in walls.

Skunks are known by their terrible smell when they "fart." If you see a skunk inside your home, call a wildlife expert immediately. A "skunk fart" is a very potent, bad smell which is extremely hard to get rid of. Raccoons tend to be violent and vicious, whereas skunks will flee and leave you with a smell near-impossible to get rid of (except for waiting weeks).



Danger #3: Health

Raccoons, skunks, and squirrels are immune to certain illnesses which can be lethal to humans. While it's most probable you won't die from any illness, you very well could end up having to take a few days off or even end up in a hospital bed. Protect your health as well as that of your pets, and prevent wildlife animals from intruding on your property!



Exactly How To Protect Your Home

Now that you know wildlife animals can hurt your pets, house, and even cause illness in yourself, how exactly do you protect your home or apartment from wildlife damage? Don't worry, we at Wildlife X Team have you here:

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We hope these articles and videos will continue to protect your home from wildlife infestation today! Thanks for reading & watching.

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