Over Thirty Five Diseases, Worldwide, Spread By Rats and Mice

There are over thirty-five diseases, worldwide, that are spread by rats and mice. Therefore, the health and safety of your family depends upon educating yourself, as well as your family, as to how these diseases can be transmitted to from animals to humans.

For example, some forms of direct contact include:

  • Physically touching a rodent.

  • Being bitten by a rodent.

  • Coming in contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva.


Indirect contact may come in the form of ticks, mites, or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent and then made their way to a human host.

Prevent Human Exposure to Rodent Diseases

At WildlifeXteam, we have a proven strategy to prevent exposure. It works every single time, for every single client whom we perform wildlife removal services for.  We achieve these results by ensuring effective rodent control, around your home. Too often, pest removal companies only remove the nuisance but don’t perform the necessary inspections that help ensure that another pest does not return.

Our 25-point Wildlife Inspection Report details every entry path that a typical rodent or wildlife will use to invade your home. We eliminate any food sources rodents might find to come inside. We even seal even the smallest entry points around your home, making it nearly impossible for a rodent or wildlife to regain access.

Note: Our Wildlife Removal Agents are trained in Humane Wildlife Removal. We will successfully trap and remove any unwanted rodents or wildlife from your property.

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