Opossum Removal in Colleyville, TX: Do You Need Help?

As far as wild animals go, opossums are relatively gentle and harmless creatures. They can even help rid your yard of slugs, snails, and small rodents, and they aren't usually strong enough to knock over garbage cans. But that doesn't mean you want them nesting under your porch or in your basement. When a family of opossums makes its way onto your property, you may be able to get them to leave on your own. If not, Wildlife X Team, wildlife and opossum removal specialists in Colleyville, TX, can help you get rid of them and reduce the chances that they might return.



How to Tell if You Have Opossums Nesting





Female opossums usually choose warm, dark, concealed places to nest with their babies, so the spaces under porches, sheds, mobile homes, and crawlspaces make ideal nesting spots. Look for spaces in these areas big enough for an adult opossum to crawl through; if an opossum has nested, it won't cover its tracks. Use some dry leaves, newspapers, soil, straw, or other organic material to loosely cover the hole or holes. If an opossum has nested, it will push its way out at night when it is time to eat.





How to Get Rid of Opossums





A family of opossums will leave its nest every night to find some food, so after dark is the best time to seal up the entrance to the nest. Mother opossums will usually take their babies with them when they leave, but it is a good idea to cover the hole as you would if you were trying to find out if opossums are nesting just in case. The mother will be able to get back in and get her babies, but will probably move on to a different place if she has her babies with her. Otherwise, you could end up with dead opossums under your porch or house, or a very angry mama opossum. If the debris has not been moved from the hole after a night or two, you can permanently seal the entrance to prevent the opossums from returning.





When to Call a Professional





Occasionally, you may come in contact with a very stubborn opossum that keeps coming back, or you may have too many opossums to deal with on your own. They may also be getting under your home by a hard-to-find entrance, which can make it difficult to get rid of them. If you simply can't get the animals to leave, Colleyville, TX opossum removal may be your best option. The professionals at Wildlife X Team will safely remove the opossum family from your property and educate you on the best way to keep them from coming back, so you don't have to play the wild animal guessing game.







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