Nuisance Wildlife Removal

There are a few effective ways of performing nuisance wildlife removal. Some of the main ones that we practice are repelling, trapping and excluding. The one that us pros choose to utilize is really dependent on what kind of animal it is that you are trying to get out of your house or from around your home.

Devices That Are Sometimes Used

We always want to ensure the safety of the animal, and sometimes effective nuisance wildlife removal will be performed with a loud sounding device to make the targeted animal that we are trying to shoo from the area look up. Even if animals like deer invade your lawn and eat your tomatoes, it’s kind of hard for the animal to ignore a loud bell when it is spontaneously rung. Clappers and horns are also effective, as well as the recently created new horn for birds, Sonic Nets.


The kind of repellant that you use also depends on what type of animal you are trying to keep away. For example, if it’s birds, the sticky repellant is what you need to buy. The place you apply the repellant means everything. Try putting a little on your windowsill, and watch the birds disappear. There also are what are called objectionable-taste repellants, for when an animal tries to eat something and it leaves an unwelcomed taste in their mouths. There are also odor repellants. Many animals have a keen sense of smell, even when it is some foul odor in the air that they are picking up. Many times, animals that are seen as nuisances are really just looking for food or a place to sleep, and should be removed without killing them.


Trapping is also one of the most used ways to catch an animal when performing nuisance wildlife removal and it can’t be performed without having a permit. The traps themselves are sold at department stores. These are the boxed/caged traps that different species will be caught in and let back into the wild.


One of the more permanent ways to keep unwanted animals away is to keep them excluded. If, say, rabbits are constantly eating your plants, then something needs to be put up, like a small gate around your garden. The bigger the animal, the more your fencing will cost. You could get woven wire fences for keeping out large mammals, but check your state law to see if you are allowed to have electrical fencing.
At Wildlife X Team, we are leaders in the nuisance wildlife removal process. We are licensed through the State of Texas Department of Agriculture, and are a God Fearing Company that respects all animals big and small. Contact us at 1 (855) WILDLIFE.

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