Meet the Immortal Jellyfish

How would you like to avoid aging, and potentially even live forever? 

Immortality was once a topic of science fiction, but nature has shown us that even immortality can naturally exist in the world. 

A few “biologically immortal” creatures have now been discovered, the most popular of which is the “Immortal Jellyfish.” 

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Turritopsis Dohrnii - Avoiding Senescence

The Turritopsis Dohrnii species, otherwise known as the “Immortal Jellyfish,” are exactly that- capable of living forever!  

Most creatures on Earth experience something known as “senescence,” which is when cells are no longer capable of dividing successfully and end up dying. 

This is what causes aging in most creatures, and eventually leaves the creature susceptible to disease or is unable to recover from outside stressors, which leads to death. 

Scientists used to believe that damage to DNA is what causes aging, but that theory may not be entirely true. As it turns out, there are several other factors that are more likely to be the effect of aging, one of which being senescence. 

The immortal jellyfish are, for reasons not entirely understood, capable of completely resetting their level of senescence, or biological clock, thus being able to live “forever.” 

Turritopsis Dohrnii Special Abilities 

The Immortal Jellyfish have at least two special abilities which have been observed. 

Most creatures are born, take a short while to reach sexual maturity, and then die not too long after reaching sexual maturity. 

The Immortal Jellyfish are capable of reverting back to a pre-sexual state after reproducing, and then undergoing the entire process again. 

One single creature is able to keep “transforming & regenerating” itself over and over! 

This would be the human equivalent of being born, reaching puberty, reproducing with other humans, and then in your late 20’s transforming yourself back into an 8 year old and going through the whole process all over again, indefinitely. 

The other special ability these creatures have is total regeneration of a part of its body. 

You could chop off a part of its body, and it will completely regenerate. The DNA will remain undamaged, which also baffles scientists. 

This would be the equivalent of losing an arm and then regrowing it back over the next year, or breaking your spine only to have it regenerate over 8 weeks. 

These Immortal Jellyfish are biologically immortal, and if conditions remain right, they are theorized to have the capacity to live young & well forever. 

What is Biological Immortality? 

Biological immortality is not the same as invincibility. True invincibility, as far as we know, does not exist in our world.

Should a predator eats the immortal jellyfish, they will become too damaged + ripped apart and die. They will not be capable of regenerating themselves. 

The same is true if their current habitat gets destroyed, or they are struck by a deadly disease! 

Regardless of this fact, it is fascinating to everyone to observe a species which is completely capable of living forever should it be capable of also avoiding disease, predators, and changing Ocean conditions. 

Implications for Humanity

Scientists are currently studying these creatures in an attempt to understand aging, as well as how to prevent aging in humans. 

It is believed that if we could apply what works in these creatures to humans, then we would be capable of being biologically immortal as well, or at least have an increased “Healthspan” (healthspan means years that you are healthy and active). 

In the book “Lifespan,” scientist David Sinclair reports that in his research his team has already been capable of completely regenerating old mice eyes that were nearly blind to mice eyes that are completely new. 

We may soon live in a future in which aging as we know it does not exist, the implications of which would be too profound for us to comment on entirely. 

Embracing Our Current Lives

All that being said, biological immortality is still a thing of the future for us. We still have to live our lives as mortals. 

Your life should be as great as possible. Take every moment to appreciate what you have, and live life to the fullest. 

Part of living life to the fullest is having the best living situation as possible. 

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Thanks for reading! 

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