Jerry's Story: From Uzbekistan to Wildlife x Team + More!

Hey there! 

Today we are doing something a bit different than the typical weekly content- we have an awesome interview with Jerry from Wildlife x Team

Jerry owns a Wildlife x Team location in Texas, and has extensive experience in dealing with wildlife & pests. 

In this fascinating interview, we cover some interesting topics, such as: 

  • Jerry’s story: from Uzbekistan to business owner in America! 
  • The hidden dangers of wildlife & pest infestation most homeowners don’t know about
  • How Jerry works to service homeowners in Texas 
  • And more! 

Check out this incredible video to get an inside look at Wildlife x Team International right HERE now. 

We also created an audio-only podcast for those that want to listen on the go, which you can download by pressing the "download" button on the podcast widget above. 

Video link:

-Wildlife x Team International 

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