Improve Your Mental Health With These 5 Easy Cleaning Tips

Most people do not realize how strong of a connection there is between your mental well-being and the cleanliness of your home. However, research has shown that keeping your house tidy can help you de-stress, increase your productivity, improve your creativity, and enhance your social confidence. With benefits like these, it is hard to argue with the importance of regularly cleaning every room in your home.

For many, this is easier said than done. Demanding full-time jobs, children, and busy schedules can prevent us from doing the most basic of household chores. Thankfully, there are strategies that you can use to keep your home clean and your mind balanced — Wildlife X Team presents some easy tips you can start using today.

Create a cleaning routine

If you have a super busy schedule, messes can quickly sneak up on you. One minute the house looks decent, and the next, everything looks like it is in shambles. Much of this is caused by excess clutter, which contributes to a living space that’s far from a healthy, happy home. Avoid becoming overwhelmed with sudden messes by setting a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule.

What should this schedule include? Start by listing out all of the rooms in your house. Next, physically go through each room to assess what needs to be cleaned. Estimate how often each area needs cleaning or find recommendations online. Using this information, you can create a reliable cleaning schedule that you can easily fit into your daily life. Instead of waiting for clutter and dirt to pile up, being proactive about your routine can save you hours each week.

One method for cleaning up the papers on your desk is to use cloud-based bookkeeping software. No longer will you have to manually review paper statements — you can automate most tasks through software. This means you’ll no longer have to manage files of records; everything is stored securely in the cloud.

Tidy up your home’s older pieces of furniture

Pets, kids, and daily wear-and-tear can rapidly cause your furniture to look worn and dirty. Unless you cover everything with plastic, stains, dents, and tears will inevitably happen to every item you bring into your house. Sprucing up your furniture can add new life and vibrance to your home. Taking time to restore your existing pieces can also prolong the lifespan of each item, which will save you money. 

Divide responsibilities with your partner or roommate(s)

Do you live with a partner or roommate(s)? If so, cleaning duties should never solely land on your shoulders. In the event you’ve been picking up far more than your fair share of chores, now is the time to have a discussion with your partner or roommate(s) to divide tasks equally. Although this discussion may initially be met with some resistance, having a calm and focused talk should quickly resolve the imbalance.

Upon agreeing to split up cleaning duties, it can be helpful to create a chore chart (similar to what is used to assist children in tracking their chores). Delegating tasks will help lower those stress levels, as it means you won’t need to shoulder the responsibility alone. Once you’ve gotten into a routine, you can discontinue the use of this chart.

Automate your cleaning duties as much as possible

Since you won’t always have the time to do every chore on your list, consider automating your cleaning duties as much as possible. This includes the use of self-cleaning appliances, robot vacuums and mops, and using your dishwasher (instead of hand washing dishes).

Consider hiring a part- or full-time cleaning service

No matter how well you plan, there will be certain weeks that are too busy to accomplish any meaningful cleaning. If you find this happening more often than not, hiring a cleaning service can be the relief you desperately need. Part-time or full-time cleaning services can ensure that you always come home to a tidy house, and can prevent excess stress.

Should you encounter a wildlife or pest problem, be it mice, termites, raccoons, skunks, or many others, the experts at Wildlife X Team can be out quickly to assess your situation and provide a cost effective solution. They can even help repair damage caused by unwanted pests.

When it comes to keeping your house clean, do what works best for you and your schedule. Since a clean house is supposed to promote your well-being, do not do things that will detract from these benefits.

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