How Wildlife x Team Helps People & Animals

Wildlife x Team International is located across the United States of America and assists in catching & relocating animals including bats, snakes, rats, mice, bobcats, raccoons, birds, and more! 

We have a really awesome video about this, which you can watch now by clicking HERE

Wildlife causes a TON of damage. The animals will tear up and destroy all parts of your home. 

What’s worse is that they will urinate and defecate inside the home as well. This will contaminate your attic and really damage your home. 

This also decays into the air and reduces the air quality of your home. The animal feces decay in the attic but ends up in your lungs, especially if there is no fresh exits for the decay to leave! 

A lot of people get severely sick from this or prolonged periods of illness or fatigue, and they don’t even realize that the problem could be wildlife infestation. 

For example, Daniel with Wildlife x Team had a client that had extremely red, bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, and other allergy-related symptoms. She said “this is the way it’s always been.” 

Daniel went into the attic and discovered that her home was severely infested with mice. Within a month of the safe removal and relocation of these mice, the woman was experiencing dramatic improvements in her symptoms. 

By the second month the client became completely symptom-free. Her “allergies” had completely vanished as a result of removing the mice in her attic (and cleaning the damage they had left). 

Another client had multiple snakes found inside of the house. These snakes were hidden in between the walls and occasionally popping out to scare the residents. 

Daniel used a “snake camera” with a special spray in order to search in between the walls, and when the snake was discovered it was lured out with the special snake attractant. As soon as it poked its head out of the wall, the snake was grabbed and removed from the home! 

When you have a snake problem, it’s not because they’re saying “hello” to you- they’re there to eat! In this case, there was also a skunk problem. The skunks were safely restored back to the wild. 

Our philosophy is “it’s their world too.” All animals we catch are safely returned to the wild. 

The animals aren’t here to hurt you- they don’t want anything to do with you. They just want a place to stay, food, etc. 

That’s why we always make sure to return the animals to an area in which they can have food, water, and shelter and carry on with their lives as you carry on with your life- both happier! 

If you have or think you have a wildlife problem, then give us a call immediately at 855-WILDLIFE or visit us at and we’ll be sure to help you out. 

Have a great day!
-Wildlife x Team International 

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