How to Protect Trees From Insects and Pests


While a pest infestation in your home might be unpleasant, an insect invasion on trees can be devastating. Intruding bugs, like an aggressive infection, can do significant damage to a tree.  But, if you provide your plants with basic maintenance and attention, they will grow healthier and be less vulnerable to assault. You can start practicing good habits right away to keep your trees healthy.

  • Identify the Signs of Infestations
  • Prevent Problems by Maintaining Healthy Trees
  • Treat Pest Problems Quickly

Identify the Signs of Infestations


When pest season hits, it's crucial to regularly check your trees for insects. A 10 min walk around your trees can save them and your wallet. Besides seeing the bugs themselves, signs of a tree pest include:

  • Irregular patterns in new growth or abnormal leaves
  • Holes and sawdust on the trunk and branches
  • Roots sticking out of the ground
  • Foliage that thins out or becomes discolored

If you see any of these problems, get in touch with a tree-specific pest treatment service right away for an inspection.

Prevent Problems by Maintaining Healthy Trees


With regular upkeep, you can protect your trees from weather damage and pest infestations.

  • Keep it clean: Regularly clear leaf litter and debris from around the trunk of your trees. Remove dropped fruit to reduce food sources for pests.
  • Keep it hydrated: Maintain a consistent and proper watering routine all year, since drought-stressed trees are more vulnerable to pests and disease. If necessary, amend the soil before planting and mulch the beds to prevent weeds and save water.
  • Keep it trimmed: Improve the health of your trees by pruning. It encourages airflow and permits sunlight to reach every part of the tree. Your trees, family, and property will be safe from harm, pests, and damage if you adhere to a regular trimming routine and watch for signs your tree needs pruning.

Treat Pest Problems Quickly


Pests can be a nuisance, but by keeping up with regular inspections and maintenance, you can prevent them from becoming life-threatening to your trees.
Pest infestations in your trees may spread quickly, causing severe damage and even the death of your trees. The sooner a problem like this is handled, the less damage is done, saving you time and money.

If you think you have a wildlife or pest infestation, or would like to consult with a wildlife expert, please give us a call at 855-WILDLIFE or visit Wildlife X Team for more information.

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