How To Prevent Bug Infestation

Did you know that there are an estimated 10 Quintilian insects on Earth? That’s 10 followed by 18 zeros, a huge number! 

There are far more insects than there are humans, and they want the exact same things we want: food, water, shelter, and warmth. 

Our homes are perfect for providing that to us, and so it is for insects as well. 

With so many insects in the world, infestation is commonplace- but still always annoying. 

In today’s post we’d like to share with you some different ways you can keep bugs outside of your home permanently. 

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Here are a few different tips you can use to keep bugs out of your home! 

Seal Up Cracks & Openings

What might look like the tiniest of holes to you is a huge opening for all those pesky insects. 

It’s important that all cracks & openings are sealed as soon as possible, to avoid letting in insects. 

Even if you don’t think you have any cracks or openings, you should complete a thorough investigation of your property. 

You would be surprised at how many little holes you may discover, all of which secretly letting in insects! 

Clean Up the Kitchen

You might not realize it but those little crumbs are huge feasts for tiny insects that can dine on our left-overs for weeks to come. 

Even the smallest of crumbs will be enough to attract an army of ants to raid your kitchen in search of what sustenance they can find. 

One of the best ways to avoid bug infestation is to make sure you have no attractants- this means that you should have nothing in your home that would attract them inside. 

Make sure that all food is sealed up, the trash is properly sealed and taken out, and there are no benefits to sneaking into your home! 

Dry Damp Areas

Bugs are also searching for water and shelter besides food. Damp areas are perfect for this, as it’s typically safe from all kinds of predators while also providing the much-needed water. 

Fix any leaky faucets, drains, or pipes. Make sure your technical appliances (ie. air conditioner) are working properly. 

In naturally damp areas of the home (ie. the basement), run a dehumidifier to decrease the likelihood of insects being attracted to that area. 

Double check that the attic is dry as well- all wild creatures love hanging around the attic, and a damp attic will make it all that much more likely that bugs will infest it! 

Clean & Sweep Regularly

Good house-keeping is a must to keep your home bug-free. 

Take out the trash before it overflows, and do so regularly. Get rid of smelly food ASAP. 

Sweep, vacuum, and clean at least once a week in order to guarantee your home is clean. 

Not only will your home look better, it’ll become the equivalent of a desert wasteland for insects- they’ll have no food to find! 

Keep Outside Free of Debris

Insects and small rodents love small debris in the yard because it gives them a nice place to hideout from predators. 

When these creatures have somewhere to hide right outside your home, they’re one step closer to finding a way into your home. 

Make sure that your trash bins are as far from your home as possible, and you don’t have any yard waste or clutter in the yard. Cut your grass as short as you can. 

The more clear your yard is, the less likely a wild insect or animal will infest your home. 

Eliminate Bugs ASAP

If you do see that you have bugs inside of your home, then you need to find the cause and remove them ASAP (as soon as possible). 

The longer that bugs remain inside of your home, the more likely it is that they will grow exponentially. 

Just a few bugs can reproduce and turn into a dozen, then a hundred, and before you know it within weeks there could be thousands of little critters buying up your home! 

How you remove the bugs will be determined by what bugs they are. Typically killing ‘em one at a time is ineffective. 

For example, if you have ants and you kill a few, an army will come to take their place and continue the mission of hunting for food. 

Other insects such as wasps or bees, if killed, will release a pheromone that triggers the rest to attack you! 

If you have a bug problem, or suspect that you might, it’s best to contact an expert like us at 855-WILDLIFE (phone) or by visiting

You can try to remove it on your own as well by doing some research, however it may be time-consuming, and remember that the longer you let a bug problem persist the harder and more costly it will become down the line. 

In the end, the best action is to prevent the problem before it occurs. Apply the tips learned in this article and continue your own research to ensure that your home is bug-proof BEFORE bugs decide to give your house a ring. 

We hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading! 

-Wildlife x Team International 

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