How To Keep Skunks Away For Good!

Skunks are cute little rodents famous for the disaster they release known as "skunk spray." 

Just a little bit of skunk spray is all it takes for your home to have a near-permanent bad odor, and ​​in some cases even cause temporarily blindness if it sprays right in your face! 

Skunks may be attracted to your home as a potential shelter, or for scavenging for food. 

For example, if you have a garden the skunk may scavenge around the area looking for little insects to eat. 

In today's post, we'll be sharing with you easy tips to skunks away from your home. 

Watch the video version of this post complete with fascinating skunk footage (including spray) right HERE! 

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Tip #1- Lights to Keep Skunks Away

Leave your outdoor lights on. Skunks are nocturnal and will avoid and keep away from bright areas. You can also purchase a motion-activated light, which may also discourage burglars from breaking into your home.

Tip #2- Holes are a Skunks Best Friend

Skunks are instinctively attracted to tight spaces in search of food. Seal up the holes and clutter around your home so a nearby skunk does not become curious.

Tip #3- Seal Trash + Food to Help Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks have a sense of smell much more powerful than humans, so make sure you do not leave any food, water, or open trash out. They will eat just about anything, including your trash. 

Tip #4- Motion-Activated Sprinklers to Keep Skunks Away

This trick is a bit more pricy, but will also help dissuade any other intruders if your home is often infested with wildlife or in a high-crime area. The sprinklers will scare away skunks among other people and creatures.

Tip #5- Fences + Traps for Skunk Removal

Fences are great for keeping out wildlife, as long as it's buried deep in the ground and at least 4 feet high. Otherwise skunks can climb over or under the fence. 

Be careful with traps. Double check the rules and regulations of your area, and only use non-threatening skunk traps. Any traps that could potentially harm the skunk may cause the skunk to release his painful mix of sulfurous oils, defeating the whole purpose of prevention. Anyways, hurting a skunk even on your property is most likely legal. 


Always be safe when it comes to dealing with skunks. Their special weapon (a mix of sulfurous oils) can cause minor damage, and simply smells bad. Be ethical and don't attack skunks if they do enter your area.

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