How to Keep Safe During a Blizzard

Blizzards and heavy snowfall make for a beautiful white Christmas, but it can also be very dangerous for human survival. They can come fast and leave people stranded & in need.

This guide will help prepare you for the worst blizzard so that you can rest easy at night knowing you will be okay for even the most brutal of winters.

Storm Cellar Supplies

In your storm cellar/room, make sure you have everything you need in case your heating, electricity, and water all goes out. Expect the worse to happened and be prepared for it!

Make sure you have lots of electrical power banks and communications devices so you can call for help and stay connected digitally. Have lots of water bottles, and food that could last you for a couple of days.

Have several blankets and jackets so that if the heating goes out you can survive just fine. Prepare as if the temperature outside your home was the same inside your home. If it’s -10F outside, have enough blankets/jackets to survive that temperature indoors.

While it’s unlikely that you would have to survive for days without food/water/electricity/heat, it is best to prepare for any scenario so that you don’t have to worry for your survival if something unexpected does happen.

Do Not Drive

Even if you have a vehicle “optimized” for winter roads, don’t even think about driving during a blizzard. The most experienced of winter drivers still struggle with the intensity of driving in winter, so you should only go on the roads in a life/death situation.

Limited visibility is common during a blizzard- in strong storm situations you may only be able to see 10 feet ahead of you, and headlights will be useless!

Hilly areas will be very tough to drive in also. Snow & ice make for very tough driving environments, and so even the smallest of incline could result in your slipping. Losing control of your vehicle during the winter is very common.

If you must drive, make sure to practice in a parking lot without hills before you hit the roads so you can adjust the huge change. Driving in snow & ice is completely different than driving on normal roads!

Also, be prepared for a worst case scenario while driving. Bring shovels in case you get buried, a first aid kit in case you get hurt, and enough food/water/heat to last you for a couple days.

In extreme blizzards it is not uncommon for people to fall off the road and get buried by snow. You may be trapped inside of your vehicle. If this happens, do not leave your vehicle. Call for help or wait the storm out.

Always be checking your rear-view mirror also. An inexperienced driver behind you may have lost control of their vehicle, and so you don’t want to be rear-ended!

Like we said, you should avoid driving at all costs. If you must do it, take all possible precautions and drive very slow. Avoid hills and stay clear of other vehicles.

Don’t Go Outside

Don’t go outside alone or even in a group. With visibility sometimes as low as 5 feet, it is very easy to get lost even in familiar environments.

There have been several cases in the United States in which someone gets lost in their own neighborhood or city because the snow makes everything unfamiliar.

The wind can also beat you down and make it hard to move where you want to. Small objects may be picked up and thrown around from the wind also.

Have a Strong Roof

Have your roof inspected before a blizzard to make sure it is strong and stable. Know how much weight/snow your roof can handle, and whenever the weather is clear get snow off of your roof immediately.

Many people underestimate how heavy snow actually is, and your roof collapsing is the last thing you need!

Your storm room/cellar should also be clear of the roof so that if it collapses you will be perfectly safe.

Check Your Water Pipes

In the cold water expands, turning into ice. This expansion can burst water pipes. Check your water pipes and make sure you know what to do when the weather drops below freezing.

Home Inspection

We recommend getting a full home inspection before the storm comes. You should be prepared for all scenarios happening, but the best scenario is one in which your home is able to withstand the brutal temperatures and chaos of a blizzard.

Fix all problems with your home immediately so you can remain comfortable & calm in even the craziest of storms!

We hope you enjoyed reading this and enjoy your winter (spring is so close now)
-Wildlife X Team International

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