How To Identify a Dead Animal In Your Home

The prospect of a dead animal laying around somewhere decomposing doesn't sound like a fun prospect at all. 

A dead animal can release an unpleasant odor & bacteria which can be dangerous and frustrating for you, your family, and your pets. 

It is important to identify a dead animal or animal problem in your home ASAP so that it doesn't turn into a bigger problem. The sooner you handle the problem the cheaper the solution will be, and the better off you will be. 

Here are a few signs to tell if you have a dead animal in your home. 

1. Lingering Bad Odor

A bad smell, while it could be caused by say mold, can often be an indication that you have a dead animal hidden somewhere. It can take months for a dead animal to decomponse, so it's best to contat an expert ASAP and see what they can do to solve the problem. 

If the smell is intense it can be a huge warning flag there's a dead animal somewhere laying around. If the smell is subtle then you could try investigate and find the source first. 

2. Inexcplicable Stains

If there's a new stain somewhere which can't be easily explained, it may be due to the decomposing animal. It could also be a sign that you have other animals or insects making your home their home as well. 

Have an expert investigate the stain if you aren't certain what could've caused it. A water pipe may have a leak which is causing mold which is also a reason why the ceilings or walls get stained. 

A strange odor and stain can be indicative of mold or a dead animal. It's important to figure out what it is as soon as possible as both can be dangerous to your health. 

3. Insect Problems

Flies & other insects flock to dead animals to eat their remains. If you're repeatedly having insect problems, then it could be a sign that there's a dead animal somewhere in the home. 

First make sure to check for rottenfood, hidden crumbs, and trash around the house. If you've completely cleaned the home and can't figure out why insects love your home so much, then it could definitely be because a dead animal is providing food for them! 

Some important things to note:

Dead animals can take months to fully decompose, so it’s best to get rid of the dead animal as soon as possible otherwise the smell can get stuck in the walls & furniture. As soon as you identify a strange persistent smell in the home tackle the issue as soon as possible. 

Even if it's mold you don't want to risk any health, house, or furniture problems. 

Also keep in mind that it may be likely that you never discover where the animal is. Occassionally an animal will die and you can find it yourself, however oftentimes they go into tight spaces, between walls, or in the attic where you won’t be able to easily access them.

A wildlife expert such as us will know where to find these dead animals because we are trained in figuring out where they entered from. Most people will not be able to figure out from where the dead animal got into the attic or between the walls. 

If you do find a dead animal and dare to handle it yourself, make sure to use very thick gloves and a mask. Place the dead animal in a plastic bag and put the bag in the trash. Make sure to thoroughly clean yourself after, as well as everywhere you walked with the dead animal. 

That being said, we typically recommend letting experts handle the problem. 

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed!

-Wildlife x Team International 

P.S. Need help? Call 855-WILDLIFE and we'll be happy to help you out. :) 

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