How to Get Rid of Badgers

Are badgers ruining your garden? These creatures are notorious for being excellent excavators. Their digging capabilities make them responsible for mostly landscape damage.

They will dig under fences, in your garden, and around your home. They dig up to one burrow every day and will often create a tunnel system with a den on your property. 


In today’s post, we’ll be sharing with you easy tips to keep badgers off your property and out of your garden. 


Tip #1- Put on a Light Show 

Badgers are nocturnal, so installing a floodlight or solar light on your lawn or garden is a great way to prevent badgers from trespassing.

For extra help, using a red flashing light is known to resemble the watchful gaze of a large animal. Since badgers are small mammals, they will quickly exit the area frightened by a possible predator. 

Tip #2 – No Trespassing Allowed – Install Fencing 

Fences are great for keeping all types of wildlife out, as long as it’s buried deep enough in the ground and at least 4 feet high. Since badgers are diggers, it is important that fencing goes as far down into the soil as possible. 

Tip #3 – No Free Snacks 

Remove possible badger food sources from your property.

Badgers have poor eyesight, but an incredible sense of smell. Keep a tight lid on your garbage cans, compost bins, and recycling bins. 

Badgers love bird seed as a snack. Tidy up around bird feeders and keeping your property tidy will help with badger prevention.

Another favorite badger snack is worms. Make sure to maintain your garden, soil and lawn to reduce the number of worms in it. 

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