How to Convert Your Garage Into a Fantasy Dream Office

Statisticians studying freelance job trends have determined that more than a quarter of Americans are now working from home. Maybe you've recently decided to become part of that group or have been earning a commute-free living for some time. Either way, as CBS News notes, you will have a more pleasant 9 to 5 if your home office matches your needs. Even if there are no spare rooms, your garage is suitable for this purpose since it's quiet there and less prone to interruptions. Here's how to transform yours into a stunning work zone, presented below by Wildlife X Team.

The first step is making your garage sparkle. Declutter as much as possible so you'll have maximum space. If you have trouble parting with inanimate objects, hire a professional to guide you through tossing possessions. You can sell what you're no longer keeping or donate everything to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or the Salvation Army.

Now, it's time to make it look less like a spot for storing vehicles and more like an office. Oil stains are removable with dish soap, cat litter, and a wire scrub brush. Be thorough about eliminating mold since skipping this step often comes back to haunt you. Use a sponge mop to clean walls and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Floor fans are helpful during the drying process.

With everything toweled off and shiny, you may begin to paint. Homes & Gardens suggests selecting a color scheme that is good for productivity. Let the first coat of oil-based paint sit a day before applying a second layer. Latex paints are ready for another round in only four hours. Once the paint is dried, hang artwork that makes you smile.

And don’t forget about the importance of having professional pest control services as part of cleaning out your garage to make room for an office. You should also hire a company like the Wildlife X Team to make any repairs if it’s been damaged by wildlife.

Being able to see what you're doing as you work is essential. Maybe your garage has windows, or you live in a climate where raising the garage door every day is a possibility. Natural lighting has all sorts of benefits. If neither of these scenarios matches your situation, spend time thinking about the type of illumination you want. The right choice can make an enormous difference. If you aren't going to have lights installed in the ceiling, find a desk lamp that matches your style and taste. 

Automating and Delegating
One way of turning your garage into a professional work zone is by going hands-free. Wouldn't you feel like a boss if those lights you hung came on without flipping a switch? You can make this happen with automation systems. It's also possible to set the heating system to warm your garage at the same time every day. There are many off-the-shelf programs readily available for homeowners.

Making workdays easier extends to the business structure you choose. As an independent contractor, you may benefit from forming a Limited Liability Company, which requires less paperwork. LLCs not only reduce your liability but also provide certain tax advantages. Beware that setting one up can be costly. Avoid lawyer fees by filing independently or going through an LLC formation service. Different states have unique rules about forming businesses so research what laws apply to entrepreneurs in your state beforehand.

Lastly, you can further improve your work days by hiring a virtual assistant to help with various tasks related to your business, including bookkeeping. This is a great way to delegate tasks to other people so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Turning your garage into an office is an exciting ambition. Nevertheless, it takes effort to build a proper workspace. Prepare a plan that matches your desires and tackle the task a step at a time. Eventually, you'll have a room you're happy to toil away in every day.

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