How Coronavirus Spreads Through Animals To Reach You

"Where did Coronavirus come from?" With the world's greatest pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1914, this is a good question to ask. 

Coronavirus likely began in another animal species, birds being the prime suspect. Via a mutation, it species-hopped over to humans, and now spreads quickly through humans. 

Coronavirus may also be spreading to us via other animals species. 

We spent considerable time & effort creating a whiteboard animation video about coronavirus & the transmission of it, click HERE to watch it. 

In our video you'll learn: 

-How coronavirus might be spreading to you via animals
-Examples of other viruses (ie. rabies) that can spread via animals to you
-What to do about it. 

Just hit this link to watch:​​​​​​​​

-Wildilfe x Team International 

P.S. Please stay healthy, happy, and well. We wish all of you to be safe during this time, and that you stay okay, both from the virus, and from the economic impacts this virus is causing.. ​​​​


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