How Animals Infest Your Home & How To Prevent It

Home infestation is a safety problem for you, your kids, your property, and even your pets.

All types of wildlife animals may attempt to infest your property such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, rodents, birds, and more!

For many of these creatures, your home can provide shelter & food just like it does for you.

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Why Prevent Home Infestations?

Many people don’t realize just how expensive & time-consuming a home infestation from animals can be so they don’t take proper preventative action.

Animals often will get stuck in your attic or between walls. When they pass away, this can create a horrible smell and an even larger pest problem.

They make noises, and if they get into the common areas could become a threat to any creatures (or property) you have for them to mess with.

Animal droppings can also deteriorate your walls, floors, or ceilings. Keep in mind that most animals infest between walls, in the attic, or other hidden areas, instead of the areas you live in.

It is very possible that you could have an infestation at this exact second and not even realize it!

How Do Animals Infest Homes?

The most common way animals sneak into your home is through small holes located on the outside. These small holes can be extremely hard to detect.

Birds for example can enter holes only 1 inch big, and many rodents can go in even smaller holes!

To make matters worse, rodents such as rats will often chew their way into making a new opening. If they see a super small opening and want in, they’ll chew around the opening until they can fit.  

These holes can also be located on top of your roof. Rodents, birds, and raccoons can easily get on top of your rooftop and find hidden ways into your attic. This seems to be a very common type of home infestation.

Don’t underestimate the climbing ability of animals such as raccoons. While they may use other platforms or trees to climb up, sometimes they can climb right up your home just like that!

Why Do Animals Infest Homes?

Animals want food, shelter, and safety just like us. A way into your attic could be their method.

Some animals like raccoons have been known to steal food from people at night, as crazy as it sounds. A simple YouTube search will prove that raccoons have quite the audacity!

These creatures also will create “nests” or groups inside of attics to reproduce, take care of their young, and bring food too.

Once the wildlife has offspring, it tends to get significantly harder (and more expensive) to deal with the problem because the adults won’t be so willing to leave.

How Can We Prevent Home Infestation?

One of the first things we always recommend is making sure your trash is secure and you don’t have any “attractants.” If you’ve got waste sitting about everywhere, then animals will be attracted from miles away to your home.

Next, you need to secure all entrances/exits to your home. Don’t think about windows & doors, animals rarely will enter through the obvious entrances (not to mention you’re there and they’re afraid of you).

Instead search for very small holes around your property, as well as on top of the rooftop. It helps to have an expert like us do that too because we are trained in identifying these things.

You will then want to secure every small hole to make sure there’s no way for animals to sneak inside. If animals have already gotten inside, then you must call a wildlife expert.

If you have any questions or want assistance, feel free to contact us and we will support you as best as we can!


Thanks for reading!

-Wildlife x Team International




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