Fun Facts of Wildlife x Team Owners

Fun Facts about Wildlife x Team Owners

Last weekend I (Michael, the social media guy) had the great opportunity to meet with and interview several of the Wildlife x Team Franchise owners, to give you a better idea of who Wildlife x Team is.

In today’s post, you will learn some fun facts about similarities from all of the WXT Franchise Owners.

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Here are Fun Facts about the Wildlife x Team Franchise Owners:

Fact #1: Most Bites are from…

Working with wildlife exposes the franchise owners & their employees to wildlife animals every single day. A lot of these animals are not in a good mood. When they hide up in your attic, they think it’s THEIR home now!

All of our wildlife experts use special gloves to ensure that they are not harmed by any animal bites. Unfortunately, sometimes the animals bite an exposed area of skin, or they come up to surprise them!

My guess would’ve been that the animals most likely to bite would be raccoons or rats.

As it turns out, most bites have been caused by SQUIRRELS! The reason most wildlife experts gave for this is due to the fast speed that squirrels have. They can sneak up on you fast, or turn and bite you faster than any other animal.

About 80% of Wildlife x Team franchise owners who have been bit, have been bit or nearly bit by a squirrel.

Snake bites accounted for the other 20% of franchise owners who have been bit. Surprisingly, almost no one has been bit by a raccoon or rat.

About 80% of all Wildlife x Team franchise owners have been bit, whereas the other 20% have not. All bites have occurred from a quick surprise, and not negligence.

Note: I am using rough estimations here, but these numbers still illustrate the general picture.

Fact #2: Wildlife Fears

It should go without surprise that most Wildlife x Team workers have little to no fear of wildlife animals, being bit by wildlife animals, or even being killed while dealing with wildlife animals!

I asked them what their scariest or most intense story was, and almost everyone spoke without intensity, which made me realize that scary for me (or most people) was not scary for them.

One of the franchise owners nonchalantly described dealing with an alligator!

I don’t know about you, but personally if I see an alligator I’m running like it’s cross country in High School all over again. I guess that’s what Wildlife x Team is for, right? Let the experts handle the animals because the rest of us have no real idea how to safely handle it.

The one fear which did regularly pop up was snakes. This actually didn’t surprise me.

In a previous video posted on our YouTube page, we mentioned that a fear of snakes is genetic and not something learned.

A learned fear would be you as a kid observing your mother panic at a spider, so you began to feel fear at the sight of a spider. These fears can be overcome with basic exposure therapy.

Genetic fears on the other hand can’t be overcome because they are innate. A large percentage of the human population possesses a genetic fear of snakes, likely because of how dangerous they were in our history.

One simple snake bite could end it all, so our eyes have literally evolved to be able to detect snakes in the ground!

Despite their snake fears, the franchise owners still will gladly show up to get rid of snakes for you.

One owner stated that “tackling the fear” was one of the reasons he loved the job so much. Yes, he was afraid of snakes, but having the opportunity to face that fear often is what has made his life a lot more exciting.

Fact #3: Background / Upbringing

I was curious as to whether one’s upbringing or background had any influence on what made the franchise owners & employees of Wildlife x Team choose this industry to work in over other hot industries such as tech.

All of the franchise owners have some type of background or upbringing that involved animals, land, or country living of some sort.  

For the few that didn’t, they had a sense of adventure and a desire to work with their body. They could never sit down at a desk job. Being out in the field, working with people, and dealing with new challenges inspires them.

This positive energy is one of the many reasons Wildlife x Team is so awesome. People here love what they do, and do what they love!

Fact #4: Their Favorite Part of the Job

Working in the field and dealing with wildlife animals is far from routine work. 10 snake calls can all unfold differently, and the franchise owners must be on top of their game to ensure their best performance.

Almost all franchise owners stated that wildlife removal work is a lot like detective work. This isn’t a comparison I would’ve naturally made, but after asking them to elaborate, it makes sense.

There are few straight-forward jobs when it comes to safe wildlife removal. Sometimes they get an easy call, show up, remove the snake, and it’s over. Other times they must investigate signs, such as animal waste, scratch marks, and search for entry/exit points in order to properly identify where the animal is (and what animal it is).

They never know for sure what they’re getting into, either. Sometimes “one raccoon” turns into 15 in the attic and between the walls! In one shocking case, there was about 3 feet of raccoon waste left in someone’s attic after decades of neglecting dealing with the strange noises in the attic!

Working at Wildlife x Team is an exciting job. You never work the same day twice.

Fact #5: They Love Wildlife!

At any rate, the franchise owners love wildlife. Contrary to what some might think, almost all wildlife animals are safely removed and returned into the wild.

Many franchise owners also inspect the wildlife animals to make sure they’re in proper health before returning them. If they aren’t, they make sure they’re well taken care of and suited for life in the wild again.


All in all Wildlife x Team is a passionate team excited to serve YOU in the best way possible.

Everyone loves their jobs and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

What’s in your attic? If you think you have a wildlife problem, give us a call at 855-WILDLIFE and we’ll be sure to help you out!

Thanks for reading!

-Wildlife x Team International


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