Every Homeowner Should Do This One Thing (but most don't)

Summer is amazing. Who doesn’t love the warmer weather, sunshine, and good times with friends? 

Despite the fun, we shouldn’t forget to take care of our family & homes. It’s easy to get lost in the excitement. 

There’s ONE thing that every home-owner should be doing throughout Summer & Fall to make sure that everything isn’t okay. 

If you don’t do this ONE thing, then you could cost yourself thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in losses & damages. 

Here’s the stats, what you need to know, and more. 

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The One Thing Every Home-Owner Should Do 

At the end of Summer & during Fall, every homeowner should check their home for animal infestation! 

In fact, this should be done frequently, but checking at these times is a good time to start. 

As Summer ends & Fall approaches, animals will be looking for a home to hideout in during the Winter. 

They love your home for the same reasons that you do- it’s secure, they can store food, raise young, and protect themselves from predators & the environment. 

The Problem? 

Cute-looking animals like raccoons don’t just hang out in the spare bedroom and play nice. 

These animals often create holes, tear things up, leave waste, attract fleas, and especially when they are young, they can become quite aggressive. 

This leads to a host of problems such as the risk of removal (bites, scratches), the damages to your home, the risk of disease, and the reduction in air quality. 

We urge homeowners to investigate their home regularly, and report any strange noises, sightings, or other symptoms of an animal infestation ASAP.

Animal infestation expenses get worse with time and more difficult to deal with, so it’s important to identify and solve the problem before it can become a severely expensive one. 

The Shocking Stats

Stats about rodent infestation are shocking, and we may make more content about it in the future. 

Note that the following stats are about rodents, not about animal infestation or pest infestation as a whole. 

Rodents are animals like rats or mice, but do not include pests such as insects & bees, or other animals that could infest your home. 

For rodents alone 29% of American homeowners have already reported a problem of rodent infestation. 

Every year approximately 21 million American homes will be invaded. 

45% of these infestations are reported in Fall & Winter, 29% in Spring, and 28% in Summer. 

It is spread out evenly as well, with the American West receiving 28% of reports, the Midwest receiving 22% of reports, the South 30%, and the Northwest 35%. 

Identify Now, Fix Before It Becomes Serious

With numbers like this, it’s important to hop on any potential problem before it has the chance to become wildly expensive and labor intensive. 

Investigate your home everywhere, and again check out our video for more details as to where they infest and what to look for. 

If you think you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us to help you out! 

Our phone is 855-WILDLIFE, or you can visit www.wildlifexteam.com for more information. 

-Wildlife x Team International 

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