Dolphin Attacks: More Common Than You Think

Dolphins are seen as cute, smiley, family-friendly creatures that are socially intelligent and comparable to aquatic humans. 

Dolphins can be viewed, played with, and ridden at many amusement parks around the world, and when properly trained, can be quite the magical experience to see. 

However, dolphins possess a dark side that few know about. Underneath the innocent-looking smile of a dolphin could be a ruthless killer. 

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you some shocking facts about dolphin attacks & dolphin attacks story. 

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The World’s Most Savage Dolphin? 

In 1994, there was a dolphin by the name of Tiao that lived in the waters off of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was a friendly dolphin… To female swimmers. 

Tiao was a male dolphin, and both male AND female dolphins have been known to make aggressive moves on the other gender. 

In the wild, some male dolphins will create gangs to capture female dolphins and keep out rival male dolphin gangs from their catches. .

When interacting with humans, dolphins can be equally aggressive in pursuing a male or female human. 

Tiao was such a dolphin that was friendly to female human swimmers, but likely saw human male swimmers as competition for the females that he enjoyed to swim and “flirt” with. 

Unfortunately for a man by the name of Joao Paulo Moreira, Tiao the dolphin saw him as a threat and attacked him, ending Moreira’s life. 

However, to be fair, Moreira was reported as being intoxicated and apparently trying to force a cigarette in the dolphin’s blowhole. 

Despite this crude behavior on the part of the victim, this attack was not unique of Tiao the dolphin; there are 28 reported hospitalizations from this single dolphin, indicating that this dolphin was extremely territorial and saw male swimmers as a big threat. 

While Moreira was intoxicated, attempting to restrain the dolphin, and then reportedly trying to put a cigarette in his blowhole (this is not undeniably confirmed), it is also possible that this behavior came about after Tiao had attacked or approached him. 

It is not clear the details of this particular incident, but what is indeed certain is that another swimmer on that day was also hospitalized along with the other 27 reported hospitalizations from this aggressive & territorial dolphin. 

Dolphins: More Powerful Than You Think

While a dolphin may not look like it has the capability to inflict serious harm on a human, other than colliding with a human, they are actually extremely dangerous to us. 

Your typical bottlenose dolphin will weigh twice as much as the average human on the low-end estimate, and on the high-end estimate can weigh over 1,000 pounds! 

Combine this with the fact that some dolphins can reach top speeds of up to and around 35-40 miles per hour, and have normal swim speeds of 15-25 miles per hour, and you can now see how these creatures can be quite dangerous. 

While an aggressive dolphin may bite, and this is not good, the bite might be the least of your worries. 

Dolphins are smart enough to know that humans can’t breathe underwater, and may attempt to drag a human underwater. 

However, a dolphin’s primary method of attack would be slamming their body against us! 

Imagine getting slammed by 500 pounds in the water at 25 miles per hour, and now you can see the true danger of dolphins! Combine this with biting and pulling underwater, and suddenly these cute, smiley creatures will seem far from friendly. 

Dealing With Dolphins

All of this being said, in most cases you will likely be safe around dolphins. Make sure that if you are visiting dolphins at a park that the park takes excellent care and the dolphins are very well trained before you get in the water with dolphins. 

To protect yourself, it is advisable to stay in shallow water and near an escape path where you can get out of the water where the dolphin can’t get to you. 

In the wild, it is not advisable to approach or engage with dolphins, and never attempt to feed, pet, play with, or act aggressive towards a dolphin unless you are with an expert that knows exactly what they’re doing and you are fully safe. 

If you find yourself in the water with an aggressive dolphin, the consequences could be deadly. 

Get out of the situation- dolphins may smile on the outside, but there is a very, very dark side of dolphins that you would probably rather not experience. 

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