Do You Have a Rodent Infestation in Your Home?

Many types of rodents can infiltrate homes and structures and can be very difficult to keep out. It does not help that a mouse can squeeze through a space that is the size of a dime, and a rat can squeeze through a hole that is quarter-sized. These tiny holes can lead to a rodent infestation that calls for rodent control in Dallas, TX. The professionals can identify the type of rodent that is trying to take over and damage your home. Once the rodent has been identified then a treatment plan can be devised that keeps them out. This includes sealing voids and cracks and making sure that diverters and gutters are channeled away from a home or structure. Common types of rodents found by pest professionals include the following explained below.

What Is a House Mouse?

Mice, known as the common house mouse is found in a lot of residential areas around the world. They breed rather rapidly and are known to adapt to changes in their environment rather quickly. It is well-known that a female mouse has the ability to give birth to at least half a dozen baby mice over a period of three weeks. This amounts to about thirty-five young annually.


What Are Norway Rats?

This type of rat is pegged as being of Asian origin, however they are found all over the globe. They are known to gnaw at the foundation and structures of property and cause significant damage. Their eyes and ears are smaller and they have shorter tails than other rats. Not only is the sound they make annoying, but they can cause you to repair and replace many different parts of your home, and they are hard to locate.



Understand Why Deer Mice Are a Nasty Threat

Although deer mice are normally found in rural areas and do not invade residential homes often, they are a particular hazard. This type of mouse is a common carrier of Hantavirus. It is always best to call a rodent exterminator if you suspect you have mice in your home, let the professionals accurately identify the type.



What Is a Roof Rat?

A roof rat, also known as a black rat or a ship rat is a smaller type of rat that causes issues similar to the Norway rat. They tend to be located in upper levels of buildings. Their origins are believed to be from Southeast Asia although they are now found all over the world, and especially in regions that are tropical.




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