Dead Animal Removal is for Professionals Only

When it comes to dead animal removal, Fort Worth TX has many options. If you suspect you have any sort of wildlife in your home, whether in your attic, crawl space or behind eves, you should call a pest control service such as Wildlife X Team right away.

What’s in Your Attic

It can happen through the smallest opening. A squirrel, mouse, bird, bat or other wild animal gets in your attic. As easy as it was for them to get in, many times, they don’t make it out. That means droppings, damage and contamination in your home. Without food, those animals will die in your home. You shouldn’t attempt dead animal removal by yourself. Find someone trained in the proper way to remove animals that are alive in a humane way. This professional should also remove those that are dead safely and ensure that the area is sanitized and safe for you and your family.

Attic Restoration

Once the dead animals are removed with care and consideration for you and your needs, it’s important to make sure all the contaminants the animal has left behind are removed as well. An exterminator who is trained in attic restoration will follow these steps:

  • They’ll complete a full inspection to ensure that no vermin will get into the attic again.

  • Their clean up service will include getting rid of the dead animal and their feces, and also getting rid of all soiled insulation.

  • Animals come with insects in tow. Your attic restoration will include treatment for any insect infestation.

  • Disinfecting and deodorizing will be done – this is extremely important before putting down new insulation.

  • Finally, new insulation is laid down and your attic restoration is complete.

Preventative Measures

The best way to co-exist with wildlife is to keep animals out of your home. Have your home and property inspected for any current damage and for any potential issues. Trimming back branches so animals can’t reach your roof, installing vent guards on your attic vents, and repairing and replacing any damaged shingles or rotting wood are good first steps in protecting your home. A twenty-five to thirty point inspection by a pro will go a long way in keeping your home free of unwanted guests.

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