Cows are 20x Deadlier Than Sharks

We usually look at cows as docile creatures who stand around grazing until we use them for their milk or meat. But did you know that cows kill a whopping 20 people per year in the United States alone? By comparison, sharks kill only one person per year in the U.S. 

The average cow weighs over 1400 pounds. When they get scared, they will not hesitate to charge on you, often teaming up in a group to do so. Of course we see bulls as dangerous due to their horns and bulky, aggressive nature, but female cows actually tend to be more violent. 

A heifer’s maternal instincts take over when they are afraid that their calves are in danger, so the females are actually more likely to attack humans than bulls. 

We have previously gone over why a moose would attack a human. The main reason a cow would attack a human is largely the same. Cows view dogs as a bigger threat than humans. A heifer will only attack you if they think you (or your dog) is threatening their young. 

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How to Tell if a Cow Is Charging at You

Cows may approach you themselves even when they are not threatened. If you run away in these cases, this could encourage them to run after you. 

This is a bad idea, because cows can run up to 25 miles per hour. For reference, the average person can only run 5-6 miles per hour. Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, could just barely outrun a cow at his record of 27.8 mph. 

If a cow is running toward you, you can tell if it’s dangerous based on which way their head is pointing. A charging cow will point its head down as if pointing horns at you, while a harmless cow will point its head upward. 

Sharks vs. Cows - Who Is More Dangerous? 

Sharks are cold-blooded killing machines… but they don’t attack humans nearly as often as cows do. Usually, they only attack humans when they mistake a surfer for a sea turtle. Sharks will eat anything, but they always prefer marine life. 

Despite their menacing appearance, sharks only kill about 4 people worldwide annually. 1 out of these 4 deaths occurs in the United States. The U.S. faces 53 shark bites per year, with 35 of them occurring in Florida alone. 

There have been recent increases in the number of shark attacks in the U.S., partially due to overfishing depleting sharks’ main food source. Another reason is warming waters in certain regions due to El Niño and other climate change patterns. But overall, the numbers are still low.

Animals That Are More Deadly Than Sharks 

Hippopotamuses kill up to 500 people per year in Africa alone. Dog bites kill up to 50 people per year in the United States. And more than 40 people die annually from infections and anaphylaxis caused by ant bites. 

We wouldn’t stand a chance against a shark in water, but statistically, sharks are far less deadly than even the animals we think of as relatively harmless. 

Got a Pest Problem? 

Obviously you won’t have a shark or cow infestation in your home, but as we’ve seen, regular pests can be just as deadly. 

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